Sunday, August 5, 2018

Nestled in dappled light

©2018 Barry Smith - Tops of the trio of posts in dappled light
This post installation was in part inspired by a small ceramic installation I saw about 6 months ago. The image of the movement from a thicker base to pointed shaped tops just seemed deliciously organic. I wanted to capture some of that movement in the timber posts - going from the square to the pointed tops in a flowing movement.

The work started with some pretty daggy 15cm square lengths of timber in one of my stacks. My chainsaw and belt sander were all that were used to crave-create the shapes. I tried to make each post a little bit of an individual.

©2018 Barry Smith  - Trio at sunset - still a bit rough
I like how they now stand quietly near the stairs leading down to the second terrace below the house.

©2018 Barry Smith  - A quiet group in the company of trees
©2018 Barry Smith  - The trio have been oiled to slow down any cracking of the newly exposed timber - but over time they will just gradually go grey and blend even more with the trees - the tallest post is about 1.2m high
I often reflect on the fact that with our creations there are always inspirations that lead up-influence us. It can be some aspect of nature; or it can be a fragment of the work of another artist. As it is said there is not a lot that is truely new.  I'm pleased that the tops of those ceramic pieces caught my eye and inspired me to make this installation for our block.


  1. love how your sculptures fit so beautifully into the landscape

  2. Oh Barry I really like these, they have settled in well.

  3. Love these, Barry, especially when in with the trees

  4. HI MC and P - thanks for checking out the latest offering. It is really satisfying to take the scraps around the place and just create something of beauty to catch the eye when walking on the block. Go well. B

  5. B - I especially like the way the wood grain flows through the tapering


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