Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The flowers think it is spring

©2018 Barry Smith - One of the many grevillea unfurling
At times it seems that the trees and plants think that spring is just around the corner; but given it was 2 degrees this morning we humans still think it is winter.

However one of the benefits of the cold clear winter mornings is that the last fragment of the moon can be seen in the grey winter morning sky. The grey sky also provided a good backdrop for the birds on the wires.

©2018 Barry Smith - A fingernail of moon in the morning sky
©2018 Barry Smith - Three magpies waiting for sunrise
Now back to some of those blossoms. The crucifix orchids in particular are bursting forth.

©2018 Barry Smith - New orchid in G's orchid house on our block
©2018 Barry Smith - Brilliant colour on the morning walk
©2018 Barry Smith - Orange crucifix near the book wall
©2018 Barry Smith - Another bouquet of white crucifix blossoms
©2018 Barry Smith - Strong pink crucifix orchid near the peace post
©2018 Barry Smith - Slightly chewed but brilliant red
The good news is that though cold the mornings are getting brighter earlier - I am now walking in grey light with a blush of a sunrise.


  1. I always look forward to your flower photos. My piece of the white crucifix is showing new roots. I came home with some other colours from a friends garden on the Gold Coast, hoping they all grow. House bound, this wretched back is being slow to get better. Grrr.

  2. Hi Barry, delightful photos. My garden too, is convinced it’s spring and I think I’m hearing baby lorikeets in the trees. Hope we don’t get too much of a cold spell for their sake.
    Cheers, Carol x

  3. I had the pleasure of watching the waning crescent rising over Colorado's Rocky Mountains this past week ... love seeing your mirror moon beaming from Australia


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