Friday, August 3, 2018

Of hearts and posts

A couple of bits for Friday. Fiona said that she was a intending to scatter a few more heart forms in different places on the block. She already has a pottery heart, a couple of heart shaped stones and a recently acquired iron heart formed by a blacksmith. She indicated she was on the look out for some wire hearts that would rust.

I managed to make the three wire hearts below. The biggest heat shape is about 15-17cm long.

©2018 Barry Smith - A trio of wire hearts for the block - the rusting process has started
The raw materials from my wire stash.

The vise was very handy for holding the forms when I was winding barbed and plain wire on the base form.

©2018 Barry Smith 
I have started making three post forms that will make a small installation down on the terraces. One thing leads to another - I decided to use some of the weathered lengths of timber that had sat near the sandstone that is gradually migrating down to the rock river.

©2018 Barry Smith - A pile of well weathered salvaged hardwood
This was a job for the chainsaw to create the rough shape I wanted at the top of the posts.

©2018 Barry Smith
Created quite a lot of sawdust in the process.

I hope to get to finish the three posts and to share the photos on Sunday.


  1. Like the hearts and love the view from the front.

  2. P - the hearts are beginning to rust nicely - it will be up to Fiona to find the right spots for them. Peace. B

  3. This confirms my wish for a rust-production area in our lives ...


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