Friday, August 17, 2018

Patina for peace

©2018 Barry Smith - Patina on scrap sheets of copper
Today I committed to two tasks: finish cementing in posts to build up the veggie garden wall; and make 11 peace doves for International Peace Day.

Why 11 peace doves? Usually I have 21 peace doves to hang on what we refer to as the peace tree at the top of our driveway. Last year I used really strong cord to attach them to the tree and surprisingly enough 18 are still there - doing their peace thing all year and re-emerging after all the leaves fell from the tree. So I need to make three replacements. I also want 7 for a little peace installation in Scotland. And of course one needs a spare.

As you can see from the photo at the beginning I decided to use some deliciously patinated copper for the peace doves - only the best for peace.

The cutting out of the bird shapes by hand is a bit fiddly; but it is lovely to see the shapes emerge from the scrap metal.

©2018 Barry Smith - Back of the patinated copper sheet with peace doves emerging
And then there were 11 pieces all cut and holes punched for the eye and hanging point.

©2018 Barry Smith - Offcuts after cutting 11 bird shapes out.
©2018 Barry Smith - Stash of bird shapes on the badly lit workbench
After stamping with the word peace I couldn't resist photographing them in the outside light on rust as you can see from the photos below.

©2018 Barry Smith - Peace, patina and rust - what a combo - 7 for Scotland
©2018 Barry Smith - Three for the peace tree
©2018 Barry Smith - And a spare piece of peace
Cord attached to the peace doves currently identified for installation.

©2018 Barry Smith - Peace doves ready for installation
Good outcomes for Friday: posts cemented; and patinated peace doves complete. It is almost time for a glass of wine.


  1. They are fabulous B- look forward to them sharing their peace messages here; and there...

  2. Those peace doves are beautiful.

  3. love the turquoise of copper as it ages

  4. Fiddly indeed ... I can't imagine cutting copper sheets into such softly rounded forms. And so a question: how do you smooth the edges?


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