Friday, November 9, 2018

Three out of ten completed

©2018 Barry Smith - Simple design using the polished yet distressed look of two large industrial cotton reels and an antique bakelite fitting - the lamp is like an installation.
Over the last few days I have been making moves to assemble 10 Artisan Lamps. I'm making ten because that is the number of globe holders I have. The process as you know usually starts with getting a whole heap of potential bits and pieces on the worktable so I can run my eye over them and begin the process of deciding what goes with what.

©2018 Barry Smith - Detail of a section of the table
©2018 Barry Smith - Table full of potential
I had sorted the design of three of the lamps on Thursday afternoon and made a start on two of them. Today I managed to complete three lamps. The photos below show the chosen bits before grinding or sanding and polishing.

©2018 Barry Smith - Mincer disassembled, painted with hammerlock paint and bits to be polished
©2018 Barry Smith - Reels after a coat of hammerlook paint that was then in the main sanded off.
©2018 Barry Smith - Quite a bit of work on the door lock; and heaps of trouble drilling out the top section of the antique gas-light fitting. Who knew there would be a valve at that very right angle. 
Photos of the completed three - including new electrical cords and globes.

©2018 Barry Smith - Love the simplicity of this Artisan Lamp.
©2018 Barry Smith - Industrial look of the mincer based Artisan Lamp
©2018 Barry Smith
©2018 Barry Smith - The lamp brings together the antique gas-light fitting, a vintage lock and some gas welding tips. I think I will replace the globe with a small round number.
©2018 Barry Smith
As you can see these lamps focus on the strengths of some of the pieces like the mincer in one; the large industrial cotton reels; and the antique gas light fitting. A good feeling to complete these today.


  1. Ah, the mincer! Brings back great memories of my mom making ham salad for sandwiches ... a good feeling for sure.

    And I love seeing your pantry of parts laid out on the workbench. Often while shopping for metal, we see stuff that triggers us to say, "Oh, Barry would make good use of that one!"

  2. look forward to seeing the lamp with the old gaslight fitting with a round globe, years ago I lived in an old farmhouse overlooking Wilson's Promontory that had gas lighting that still worked with "on" and "off" switches on chains, it was a beautiful place but so very cold!

  3. These are stupendous! I want to come to market where you goods are displayed!!

  4. The transformation always amazes me. Especially liking the last one-how beautiful!


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