Friday, November 20, 2020

Setting up for the open studio tomorrow (21 Nov)


In the main today was given over to tidying things away and setting up for our open studio tomorrow. The photo above shows part of the set-up. You can see that posters are an addition to our stock with a lovely small exhibition of some framed pieces in time for the open studio.

 No only will there be many gorgeous things on offer but everything will be 10% off; and if people want they can try their hand at printing a word card, a book mark, wood type printing and embossing printing - all good fun.

A few more photos of the set-up

Some product - lots of earrings and pendants including tiny book earrings and book pendants.

And also artists' books as well.

And of course salad servers and ladles

The doors open at 10am - looking forward to seeing folk there.


  1. Have a great day tomorrow. It looks like a great space.

  2. what a wonderful mix of materials ... all displayed to best advantage

    I envy the Maleny locals who get to visit in person!

  3. Wow! your studio is looking fabulous, have a great weekend!

  4. Looks wonderful, Barry! Have a great open studio!


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