Sunday, October 7, 2012

A big weekend

Fiona and I are pretty whacked after two days full of people who wanted to see us at work and ask the interested detailed questions. We had about 150+ individuals visiting over the two days.

Given I work outside I do the initial meet and greet; discussion about the metal work; and demonstrations as required. Inside the stidio-gallery Fiona has been fielding questions about her work; doing demos on pens, marbling etc; selling stuff; and also explaining my work in the cabinets.

Over the two days I think I made about 60 leaf-forms as demos; as well as bowls, cuffs etc. About 20 or so of the leaf forms went to children as mementos; a few to adults; and today about 15-20 to an art bushfire memorial tree.

Following are a few photos Fiona took of me either banging on to people about metal stuff or demonstrating some aspect of it.

And also a couple of photos of leftover demo leaves; and other demonstrations bits.

So not lot a lot of words as the batteries need recharging - but it has been a good way to promote our art practice and introduce people to who we are and what we do; and we did have folk returning from last year so it can't be all bad.


  1. Great, Barry... I bet people got a lot out of visiting you two!

  2. your time and care given to each person is something that they all will remember - the fact that you open your doors to so many is a beautiful thing... wow - 150 over the weekend? that is more than i am sure you could have imagined...
    i cannot help but think about the energy exchange here - your concentration, good will, and physical energies exerted over this time - balanced by that positive, interested feedback from your guests... an exhausting high, i would suppose...
    i am sure you made quite the impression (yes, pun intended) upon people and materials alike!

  3. wow!! it looks like a really successful weekend! in the first photo you look like you're holding a mic!! :) but i totally wont be surprised if you were! you look the part too :)

    after all the hustle and bustle, a rest is indeed in line ... you guys take care and you know ... you're such an inspiration B!!

  4. I would be fascinated to see you demonstrate metal work too. Its something I have never tried! I am glad that you and Fiona had such a large turn out of interested folks.

  5. How FUN! Wish I could find as many inspired artist close by over here to work and share with like you guys do. I guess I have to get out of the backyard a bit more-that's the hard part. Happy for you and Fiona and all your success this weekend.

  6. Like Leslie - wish I could have seen you demo the metal beating though I am privileged enough to know you will show me one day. Not surprising that you didn't want to be too wordy in your post - imagine you and F were both worn out. Congratulations though on what I am sure was a brilliant weekend for those that visited.

  7. What a fabulous weekend! Congratulations to you and Fiona. Your visitors were indeed privileged to see you both working.


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