Sunday, October 14, 2012

Raised bowls and shop update

On Friday I posted on the raised bowls or 'pods' I was working on. I indicated that I would do a bit more work on the silver-plated EPNS bowl; and give it a bit of a polish to see how it worked out.

Over the weekend I was working on part of a commission; and by way variation did a bit more work on the EPNS bowl and also formed another small raised bowl from a disk of silver-plate over copper. Though I did not get to form these two raised bowls into full pod shapes they did get to curve in at the top - hence 'raised bowls' rather than 'pods'.

Though the pods in the rough looked ancient, treasure-like and mysterious, I do think the partly polished EPNS bowl below does look pretty good. This bowl is about 5cm high; 5.5cm wide; and hole at the top is about 5cm.

©2012 Barry Smith  - Raised EPNS bowl 
I started this bowl by punching it into a shallow wooden form after the first annealing which resulted in a fold. Rather than hammer the fold out I left it in and included it in the raising and hammering. The result is quiet an interesting wrap fold. I have deliberately left the top edges of the bowls ragged - gives them a bit of an aged and used look.

©2012 Barry Smith  - Raised EPNS bowl with fold
The small silver over copper bowl has worked out quite well and also looks pretty good with a semi-polish. This small bowl is about 3cm high; 4-5cm wide; and hole at the top 4-4.5cm wide.

©2012 Barry Smith  - Small raised silver over copper bowl 
©2012 Barry Smith  - Small raised silver over copper bowl
The insides of both these bowls are beautiful - both have great texture and colour - the result of much hammering and annealing.

©2012 Barry Smith  - Inside small raised silver over copper bowl
©2012 Barry Smith  - Inside EPNS raised  bowl
Because I was updating my on-line shop these two raised bowls have been placed in the shop.

You can check out the updated shop by clicking on this link.


  1. Oh yummy Barry, love that epns bowl.

  2. Love the raised bowl - so many possibilities for so many different things. With a bit of a different shape it could be a really cool egg - even two pieces cracked in half. Very cool.

  3. The hard edges on those bowls has me swooning. They're gorgeous.

  4. these bowls cause my heart to thump... they are gorgeous and i especially loved the shot of one in water...
    you do such soulful work -

  5. Oh boy - will have to come shopping! Need a couple of vessel friends for my last GORGEOUS bowl which I love having. Thank you Barry.

  6. I keep going back to look at these bowls. They are so very beautiful! Great work, Barry!

  7. the deeper bowls are looking really interesting...

  8. P, SZQ, J, MJ, SB, TL, JM, C & SS - hi folks - thanks for the positive feedback on the new bowls & sorry for tardy response - not sure how that happened, P - the EPNS is hard to work but the results are startling in texture and colour. SZQ - I can get the egg shape with thicker soft copper. J - I agree leaving the rough edges is the way to go. MJ - glad these bowls are heart starters. SB - thanks for supporting the bowl production through your purchase. TL , JM, C & SS - glad you like this new direction. All go well and enjoy life. B


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