Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preparation for last weekend of Open Studios 2012

This coming weekend (6 & 7 October) is the last weekend Fiona and I will have our studio-gallery (601 mvr) open as part Open Studios 2012 as the program winds up this weekend.

It has been a great time engaging with the public about our art and doing a few demonstrations. We have also sold quite a few bits and pieces. So Fiona and I have been replenishing some popular lines.

On Monday and Tuesday I managed to get a few hours to finish four simple brass tube rings and Daily Words.

I stamped the inner surface of the rings before folding the edges over - makes the stamping look a little hidden and maybe a bit of mystery about it.

©2012 Barry Smith - Simple brass tube rings
I'm pleased the Daily Words (bowls and inspirational words) have continued to be popular as it means there are more of these in the world to kickstart the day for people. So I have made a few more sets.

©2012 Barry Smith - Daily Words (EPNS bowls and inspirational words)
©2012 Barry Smith - Daily Words 
And when I was taking a photo of the rings and Daily Words I noticed one of our visiting Wallabies on the edge of the coffee patch.

©2012 Barry Smith - Blurry vision of a welcome visitor
Whilst the photo is not great it does show just how lucky we are to have such visitors.


  1. Love the wallaby. Glad things are going well.

  2. best wishes on the last weekend... i like the addition of the stamping on the rings... and your point about the daily words is a good one - any person who chooses them obviously sees their import and value... it's almost a concrete way for you to see how many people walk out of your studio with the intention of focusing upon those states of mind... beautiful!
    and the wallabee - how wonderful! i have many visitors to my home - my current heart melting one is a ground hog... so cute and chubby this time of year... they ground you and keep you mindful of the great big world in which your existence is only a small part...

  3. Cool... are they friendly, wallabies? Our bears... friendly, but high tail it back into the forest when they see us.

  4. Love the bowl ideas. So simple but so beautiful and meaningful. I'm sure you both are tired. I know when I have to talk for 8hr a day for 3 day shows I'm exhausted. How fun to see wallabies in the backyard!

  5. your rings are gorgeous wonderful.
    so are your bowls of inspiration.
    and a kangaroo! so fun to see what you are up to!


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