Sunday, September 30, 2012

A different wedding - different images

Yesterday afternoon Fiona and I attended the wedding of Fiona's brother Al and his partner Lorraine. It was a joyous event and gathering of families and friends. There must have been thousands of photos taken by a host of photographers including me - one of the benefits of digital technology.

Again I am sharing a few of the non-people shots I took at the ceremony and reception.

©2012 Barry Smith - Hope and love
©2012 Barry Smith - Stone cross
©2012 Barry Smith - Bouquet
©2012 Barry Smith - A scatter of petals 
©2012 Barry Smith - Fragment of the cupcake wedding cake 
©2012 Barry Smith - Reflected light
©2012 Barry Smith - Soft canopy light
©2012 Barry Smith - Garden light
©2012 Barry Smith  - Light on the "lolly table"
©2012 Barry Smith - Moonlight through the clouds
©2012 Barry Smith - Candle light 
Small reminders of the celebration of love and joy. All photos taken with the iPhone and none altered.


  1. Love both yours and Fionas photos.Sounds like a lovely day.

  2. I love your photos. You and I actually think a lot alike when it comes to taking photos. Please, don't let that comment scare you too much. It's the details, those little unexpected shots, like the petals strew on the ground. Just wonderful!

  3. P & J - glad that our photos brought a little of the celebration your way. J - I think I'm going to need to mull that over - only a little scared. But you acre right it is the details that catch the eye that add the texture to life. Go well. B

  4. what a beautiful event - even in the details! i love the hope and love distressed signs... the drama of the calla lily bouquet... the only hint of people is in the number of things - glasses, cupcakes...

  5. Barry, I just read Fiona's post about the wonderful wedding and now your fabulous are a good photographer too!

  6. beautiful images Barry, celebrating a happy day. I am sure the bride and groom will enjoy having a copy of your photos, and Fiona's, amongst all their more traditional photos. Lucky them.

  7. such a pretty wedding B :) *sigh* i love the petals on the ground *sigh*

  8. you've captured the festive mood perfectly ..looks like it was a fabulous celebration!

  9. hello Barry

    you have captured their special celebration beautifully. looks as though it was a wonderful time!

  10. Was part of a bus load of painters, potters, sculptors, woodcarvers and one jewellery maker from Gin Gin, Childers and Biggenden who came down for the Open Studios. Had a great time with all the artists who generously and freely shared their techniques. Alas you studio tour was not to be.
    the lurker and sometimes commenter

  11. MJ, D, LT, L, TL & V - it is always reassuring that I'm not the only one who finds the details and odd shots appealing. MJ - the distressed love-hope signs gave me a warm sense of trials and tribulations of marriage yet for many there is hope that love will prevail. D & SB - glad you liked the images - and the combo of F and mine gave a good picture of the joy. LT - you are basically a romantic!!! L & TL - and it was a fun celebration. V - sorry to have missed you. We are open on the 6 & & October if you were still around. All - go well. B


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