Sunday, September 16, 2012

Peace, giving and the beauty of blogging communities

The weekend has been full on for Fiona and I - sharing our studios, our place and our art with fellow artists, friends, followers and the inquisitive public. The weekend has been another affirmation of the life change we chose; and the importance of art in it.

But what I wanted to share is the wonder of the giving, sharing, inspiration and peace that emanates from the small communities that we can be part of through art blogging.

During the week a parcel arrived from Luthien of Altered Alchemy. There were many special dimensions to the gift that the parcel held. It was made from a bringing together of the metal I had shared and pieces that Luthien had collected and created; it was such a recognisable piece of Altered Alchemy art; it was, as is all of Luthien's work, full of meaning and reflections; it was in part a response to a post I did many moons ago; and it was about peace - arriving in time for International Day of Peace.

Lurthien had sent me her peace piece In Honour Of - what an amazing thing to do  - to gift something that was so full of thought and meaning. Check out the above link to see what I mean about creativity and meaning. Luthien - thank you so much.

The photos taken with the iPhone are not the greatest but I think you will get the picture.

©2012 Barry Smith - In Honour Of shares space with Mieke's small pieces 
©2012 Barry Smith - In Honour Of
In Honour Of sits proudly in a niche in the entry area to our house. These niches are dedicated to the works of creative women - Robyn, Kim, Mieke, Shannon, Mel, and Luthien - I think Fiona has quietly created it that way.

©2012 Barry Smith - The Niches
There are so many aspects of the artist blogging communities that fill me with energy, strength and inspiration. This week Luthien's gift and Mary-Jane's flags for peace project are up there in lights.


  1. What a lovely surprise to see the beautifully arranged niches in the entryway to your home. In Honour Of is indeed a precious gift.

    My peace flags are flying as I type ..... and I'm wondering whether to bring them in before it rains or just see what happens. Today is our first day in a week that I dared to hang the flags since we've had steady downpours for days.

  2. what a beautiful and meaningful space... luthien's piece fits in perfectly there...

  3. Wonderful, and I agree completely. The blogging community is creative, inspiring, and amazingly generous. I had no idea when I started a blog years ago... I really hardly knew what one was!

  4. As a fan of Luthien's work I appreciate the amount of thought and workmanship in this piece. It is beautifully cmplemented by Mieke's work.

  5. that is one beautiful display you have there B. i am feeling pretty honor and just a wee bit red that one of my piece is sitting amongst those wonderful art pieces! i'm not gonna lie but it's a great feeling, i tell ya.

    i'm so happy that you like the little house. i couldn't think of a better place for it to be. its connection to you and the energy that i felt during and after making it was just too great to ignore.

    thank you for such a lovely post B :)

  6. Wow~Wow~Wow.... what a wonderful gift to receive - everything she creates is just awesome. What a wonderful space for all the treasure you have been gifted. So many artists I recognize!

  7. wonderful to hear of these lovely and artful generous relationships.

  8. perfectly wonderful post in so many ways. thanks for sharing.

  9. R, MJ, VA, JM, L, SZQ, TL & AA - it is great that we can recognise the beauty of the communities we belong to and the generosity of those in them. R - such treasures in our niches which we see every day - including yours. MJ - yes L's piece is a perfect fit amidst other strong and creative people.JM - both M & L's pieces are small yet powerful. L - it is so good that you can see that so many also say your work is masterful and meaningful. SZQ - F and I are lucky to have these pieces of artists we know. TL - the generosity of others always fills me with hope. AA - glad this post touched you. Go well. B


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