Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leaves and goods ready for market

I'm attending a class reunion tonight. I don't usually do that - this is my second one ever; but it is 40 years since my group graduated so it was thought that we should get together before we fall off the perch so to speak. Anyway there will be about 20 of us there plus any brave wives or partners. Fiona is brave - she is attending.

©2012 Barry Smith - Another cluster of brass leaf-forms
I thought by way of marking the event I would make 'leaves' to give to folk. So I made 23 brass leaves (each about 7.5cm long) as a memento. So the photo below shows what 23 medium leaves looks like as a group. The leaves are made from reclaimed metal from the sides of brass jardinieres.

©2012 Barry Smith - 23 medium sized brass leaf forms 
Yesterday Shannon G, a fellow artist, came over to collect Fiona and my bits for her stall (Handmade Table) at the Real Food Festival. The photo below is my stash - doesn't look a lot really but it did take time to create.

©2012 Barry Smith - Ladles and spoons ready for the Real Food Festival
Thought the photo below might bring a smile to the faces of folk who think the 'leaf spoons' look tadpole-like - it looks like a shoal.

©2012 Barry Smith - a shoal of leaf-spoons
And you can see what a great job Fiona did on the packaging and labelling of the bits.

©2012 Barry Smith - Beautifully packed and ready for market
I guess we will see how the public reacts to Shannon's Table and our wares.


  1. what a beautiful gesture, the gifting of the leaves :) your "doesn't look like a lot really" really looks like a lot to me!! the festival should be tremendously pleased with such arty beauties. but what really delighted me is your shoal of tadpoles!!! these would make such an adorable mobile!

    well, enjoy your reunion ... artists need to party too you know. and just a gentle reminder, did you remember to cast an armor for Fiona for tonight? ;)

  2. How lovely of you to make the leaves, I'm sure they will all love them. Your collection of items for the Real Food Festival is splendid -and so are the photographs.

  3. the tadpole spoons are such fun!

  4. Such a beautiful stash! And it does look like a lot. Especially when everything is handmade. We know how long these things take. Two more years for my 40th! I know I'm not that old!! Have fun

  5. Soooo.... where are the warts?

    Lovely looking collection... liked seeing the little copper spoons in relationship with all the others for scale. In fact, I like seeing the leaves and "tadpole" spoons in large groups, too, they have lovely rhythm all together.

  6. lots of goodies ready for Open Studios. Am sure it will be a great success for you both x

  7. ooops! Shannon's table, not the OPen Studios ..... though I am certain there will be plenty of these lovely pieces for the open days too .... x

  8. What amazing groups. The leaves continue to delight me. The spoons and ladles are fabulous, love the 'tadpoles' and those tiny copper spoons are gorgeous... and those ladles...
    Have fun at the reunion - such lucky people to receive your leaves.

  9. how generous of you to make gifts for your class mates!

    your leaf spoons look a bit like tadpoles to me. wonderful~

  10. Hope you and Fiona have a blast at the reunion. The leaves are such a gracious and generous touch. How thoughtful of you. The collection of ladles and spoons is impressive. As is the packaging. Hope it's a wonderfully successful show for you both. Love the tadpoles, btw.

  11. L, EM, PM, V, SZQ, VA, SB, S/R, TL & AA - thanks folks for comments - the leaves were really well received - I love it when we have the skill to do something simple and it seems like magic to others. The reunion went well - did not seem like 40 years ago - as SZQ said I can't be that old!!! PM, V & S/R - things in groups seem to take on there own form don't they? VA - the warts are gone and replaced by wares. AA - thanks for the wishes for a successful show - always best if the wares go to other people's homes. All - go well. B


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