Friday, September 14, 2012

Ready or not - for Open Studios

Tonight I was going to post on a beautiful surprise peace gift I received from one of our gifted fellow artists in our blog community; but the day (and indeed most of this week) has been given over to finalising the products and getting our studio-gallery (601 mvr) sorted for the first weekend of the Sunshine Coast Open Studios 2012 that starts tomorrow. So I'll post on the preparations today; and then post on that special gift on Sunday.

Fiona and I are better prepared this year in that we have a wider range of pieces that showcase the diversity of what we do; and we have enough stock to deal with any demand on the first couple of days. My work ranges from small hand formed jewellery pieces to the larger outdoor sculptural pieces. But I will let the photos give an insight into my work and presentation in 601 mvr. I would say most if not all the works on display are created from recycled materials - apart from jewellery findings.

©2012 Barry Smith - Leaves and leaf spoons displayed on Fiona's rusted paper
©2012 Barry Smith - An array of Found and Formed earrings
©2012 Barry Smith - Rings, pendants and simple bowls.
©2012 Barry Smith - A cabinet of goodies
©2012 Barry Smith - Metal. stone and wood 
©2012 Barry Smith - Small leaf bowls
©2012 Barry Smith - A selection of 'sacred' ladles
©2012 Barry Smith - Small light fathers and 'sacred' water vessel.
©2012 Barry Smith - A .75m rusting leaf
Both Fiona and I are tired but we are feeling we have put in a good effort to share our studio space and our art forms with the public. We will see what tomorrow brings. Now off for a little sav. blanc and dinner.


  1. Looks great, sort of wish I was there but having a great time up here in the NT.

  2. wow - are those displays in your studio? how beautiful and perfect for the event...
    you must be exhausted - i get tired just reading everything you are up to!
    wishing you all the best for the open studio event - people are so very fortunate to be able to stop in and walk out with some of your art...

  3. Hmmm... i hope I can get there but I'm cooking for a 60th birthday...we'll see.

  4. Nice Stash! Hope it goes wonderful for you both.

  5. Exceedingly well displayed - such a delight to take a 'virtual' tour of your beautiful work.
    Wishing you a great turnout, wonderful conversations and every success.

  6. wow B!! that is utterly fantastic! i am gonna repeat what the others said ... it's so professional! looks like an art exhibition or a museum exhibition. what a wonderful collection of work. i am sure the visitors will be so impressed!! hope you sold tonnes and made lots of friends :) xo

  7. Lovely to see all your work out and ready for Open Studios. Your ladles look amazing!


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