Sunday, September 9, 2012

An art and community weekend

The weekend got off to a busy start with Fiona and I helping set up the stall for the Neighbourhood Centre for the Real Food Festival on Friday. Of course we got our Friday art in.

Saturday was divided between: putting together the signs for art4place's Creative Spaces 2012 activities; celebrating Fiona's mum's birthday and her dad's father's day; attending the Real Food Festival to give support to the Neighbourhood Centre's stall volunteers; checking out Shannon's Handmade Table; doing a quick whip around the RFF; and making more 'leaf spoons' - yes some sold!!

Today (Sunday) the art4place signage was finished as you can see from the photos below. Each of our six artists will be provided with an A2 sign that promotes their activity; an A2 sign that tells the story of their placemaking art; and a couple of art4place flags to attract the eye of the public.

©2012 Barry Smith signage for six placemaking art activities©
©2012 Barry Smith The placemaking art stories
©2012 Barry Smith The placemaking art stories
©2012 Barry Smith - An art4place flags
This afternoon both Fiona and I just got into more production for our Open Studios. I spent the afternoon cutting metal for: medium leaves; daily words; words in your pocket; daily word bowls; and small earring leaves. We did have an interruption when a couple from Sydney visited thinking the Open Studios had already started - we couldn't turn them away so we showed them the studio and explained what we did. Fiona sold letter pebbles.

Each afternoon over the coming week Fiona and I will continue to make for the Open Studios.


  1. i don't know how i missed all of your wonderful posts from this week, but i did - sorry!
    love the ladles and the tiny one especially... the thought of one the size of your thumb i find intriguing... congrats on the sales at the real food festival and all of the other things you have accomplished - in one day?!
    the weekend draws to a close here - i am so happy to hear you had a good one...

  2. you guys are having so much fun doing what you love ... this is the life!

  3. Sounds like busy times for you and Fiona... I have scrolled down because I have missed some posts and I see all your spoons and leaves and such as you get ready for Open Studios.
    best wishes...


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