Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding images

It seems to be the season for weddings. A few weeks ago we hosted a wedding at our place - mainly in our lounge-dining room and on our back deck. This week we are to attend Fiona's brother's wedding up here on the range.

Of course these events provide opportunity for people photos; but with the trusty iPhone one can capture a few other images.

We spent most of our day today travelling to and from Brisbane; and participating in a pre-wedding Tea Ceremony and lunch. Given the wedding season I thought I might share a few photos relating to the wedding on our deck.

©2012 Barry Smith - Wedding bunting at sunset
©2012 Barry Smith - Blue reflections on champagne glases
©2012 Barry Smith - Refracted light on the stone bench
©2012 Barry Smith - Reflection through glass on stainless steel
©2012 Barry Smith - A scatter of 'pearls and stars'
©2012 Barry Smith - Stars and a faint rainbow
As you can see not a person to be seen - but a few fragments that caught my eye. And not an image altered!!!!


  1. With these images my imagination does the rest. I can picture happy people chatting animatedly and sipping champagne while gazing over your beautiful view at dusk.

  2. A unique wedding album! Wouldn't it be lovely if couples added photos like these to the usual people shots? I wonder if a handmade album could be made based on this idea...

  3. hehehe!! amazing party B!! ;)
    Tea ceremony? i thought only us Chinese have that!! (O_O)

  4. I LOVE these "moments" of light!
    They are so perfectly captured and so pure in their (not further altered) state.

  5. R, E, L & AM - thanks for your comments on the wedding fragments. R - I totally agree - often it only takes the smallest fragment to conjure up a whole story. E - again I agree - so many albums could be enhance by a few non-people shots. L - I guess you have picked up from F's posts that Al's partner is Hong Kong Chinese - hence the Tea and other ceremonies. AM - I'm attracted to light fragments - they make me wonder where the light is coming from to create the scattered reflections. All - Go well. B


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