Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spring colour, sunset and wallaby

Well after all it is Wednesday so why not a mixed bag of images from 'the block'.

Sprigs of new growth are pushing through what seems impenetrable bark.

©2012 Barry Smith - Fragment of new life
The maples along our 'stone river' are really showing their colour at the moment. A couple of weeks ago they were just sticks

©2012 Barry Smith - Maple blaze
The mother wallaby is visiting and sitting amongst the bushes; and she has a new joey in the pouch - very exciting.

©2012 Barry Smith - Must be a comfortable spot
The dry season continues and smoke is present on the horizon most evenings - it does make for some spectacular sunsets.
©2012 Barry Smith - Smoke and sunset
Sunsets even look good through the textured glass door. This photo is not altered.

©2012 Barry Smith - Sunset through glass
And because the photos were taken with the iPhone - here are a few altered-enhanced photos.

©2012 Barry Smith - Fragment of new life - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Smoke and sunset - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Sunset through glass - altered 1
©2012 Barry Smith - Sunset through glass - altered 2
Life is returning to normal on the block. Yesterday I cleaned out the garden shed; attached new hoses for the fire season; and started to sort some of my metal off cuts.

I'm planning to do a metal off-cut giveaway - but more of that on Friday.


  1. Great photos, Barry, and that last altered sunset through glass is mesmerising. Lovely to see your wallaby mum, that's very exciting. The maples are stunning, I love the way they burst into colour just as you're wondering if they've died over winter.

  2. Absolutely fabulous images. They'd look great in a book.

  3. C&JM - thanks for your comments.C- the colours of spring are invigorating. The sunset through the glass sure offers manipulation opportunities. JM - I do think there will be an iPhoneography 2012 book. Go well. B


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