Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Graham's glory

Fiona's dad (Graham) is into orchid growing in a balanced and creative way. Balanced - in that he has quite a lot of orchid plants but not over the top. Creative - in that he has a go at growing a variety of types and in a variety of setting - shade house, under stairs, in the open sun, on rocks, on stumps etc.

We got a message today to drop by and check out a few of the new blooms - there is always some thing new to see.  Thought I might share some of the new offerings.

I love how they are precious but not so precious that they can't be outside and even be munched on by bugs - true sharing of beauty.

And the Hoya and Bougainvillaea were a riot as well.

The recent dry and warm weather have certainly made the plants put on their Spring growth and colour. All photos taken with my iPhone.


  1. So lovely to see spring gracing you with you with lots of color. We've color too, just more oranges, yellows and reds as the leaves turn and fall.

    Amazing photos Barry. I'd never thought that orchids could be grown outside. Silly me. Over here they're only seen inside.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely photos,wish I could grow my orchids like that, too cold down here.

  3. Aren't these all amazing! Clever Fiona's dad ....... Love the pure white ones most.

  4. Such beautiful blooms! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. ooh ahh
    so gorgeous
    i love orchids
    my father planted many many in his yard, so long ago and many lived on trees. thanks for sharing this beauty.

  6. Lovely, Barry! So varied, so lush. And I do love the Hoya.

  7. Wow he certainly has a green thumb for orchids! They're beautiful and that bougainvillea looks just like the one in my front yard.

  8. so beautiful they are! i always feel that orchids are one of those who inhabits in it's make up, both feminine beauty and architectural excellence :) they are so difficult to grow (for me) ... Mr Graham sir, sure has green fingers!!

  9. J, P, AA, TL, SZQ & LT - Graham was really buzzed by the fact that folk thought his orchid growing was up there. J - I love the blog world and community it makes one so much more aware of the happenings in the global community. P, AA , TL and L - amazing that G can achieve such beauty outdoors. SZQ - Fiona and I just have to visit - your climate seems to be so much like ours. Go well and soak in the beauty. B


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