Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The universe and all that

Well the universe has spoken. I think Fiona and I have been just about running on empty over the last few months - trying to do catch up after the heath event and doing work for and implementing the Open Studios and Creative Spaces on top of the normal work-work and community things. No sooner are OS and CS over and we take a massive 'flu' hit. We have been down and out for the count since Sunday - and still struggling - hoping tomorrow will bring a better day.

The universe did deliver on another level - today a stake and raising hammer I ordered from the UK arrived - in less than a week from the date of order. Amazing!!! And the good news is that the stake and hammer are just as I read on the online store. I just need to get well enough and enough energy to give them a trial run. Maybe more raised bowls and pods coming up.

The bush fires are still on the horizon most days. This is a photos to the western range from our back deck this afternoon. (With the iPhone of course; and unaltered.)

©2012 Barry Smith - Smoke in the west
And I managed to parcel up 5 packages of off cuts - they will be in the mail soonish. The parcels look a bit suspicious but I can assure you there is about 1lb of recycled metal offcuts in each.

Apologies to folks who indicated their interest in offcuts a bit late. No doubt I will generate more.


  1. it's always exciting to get new tools...hope you are feeling up to using them soon!
    How unnerving to be living with that scene in view from your back deck though it's an amazing photograph...

  2. so sorry to hear that you two are not feeling well, that is no fun. it seems there is a flu bug in many countries at this moment. I know people here with it too. boo.

    that is such an interesting tool. it will be fun to see what you do with it.

  3. Get well soon...both of you. The tools are very beautiful, but the way you will use them is a mystery to me.

  4. Fascinated by these pictures, beautiful and high quality, I really like the first two.

  5. I can't imagine how you will use that tool. But I know now that you've used it and to great effect. Could we have an action shot please?

  6. awww... yea ... our flu season is on too! people just get it in turns. some even got 2 turns :( bad ... and the weather doesnt help either. loads of sunshine rain. my grandma used to tell use, sunshine rain make us sick.

    i love the mountain photo tho ... it looks exactly like Mordor in LOTRs!!

    and your new weapons of destruction, or rather weapons of resurrection ;) looks totally wicked! as wicked as them 5 packages ;)

  7. L, TL, JM L, C & LT - thanks for your well wishes regarding the flu - after two weeks Fiona and I are just about back to full health - this was a bad one for us. L & LT - the new tools have already been put to use - though I want to give some thicker metal a go. LT -= I know you always enjoy the Mordor look of the storms in our valley - you need to come and stay and check them out personally. All go well. B


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