Friday, December 7, 2012

A tree of peace and healing

We are back home on the mountain and it is Friday. It was a great relaxing trip; but I am also happy to be back on the mountain. Whilst the morning has been filled with community meetings and catch ups; Fiona and I have managed to spend the afternoon in the 'studio'.

I was motivated to have a go at making a wire tree. Quite some time ago SZQ and I had discussed creating a collaborative peace tree using hand made metal leaves for September 2013. In a couple of recent blog posts SZQ indicated that her husband is in the middle of a serious health crisis.  I thought making a my tree of Peace and Healing could not only give me the opportunity to make a small trial version of a peace tree; but could act as a way of sending healing energy to SZQ and her husband.

In addition to that I was talking to Fiona's dad about community and Christmas and he indicated that his church was doing a series of community fundraising Christmas trees as part of their commitment to the community. I thought if I made the Tree of Peace and Healing maybe it could also be added to the series.

Any way as you can see from the photos below I have made quite a good start on the tree.

©2012 Barry Smith - Wire tree of Peace and Healing (2m hight)
©2012 Barry Smith - Wire tree of Peace and Healing - 7 'leaves' in place
©2012 Barry Smith - Wire tree of Peace and Healing - 'leaf form' detail
There are 25 lengths of  4mm thick steel wire in the bundle. Lengths vary from 1.2-2m. As you can see I made a broom of wire first; and then began the plaiting process to create 'branches' and 'twigs'. The 'trunk' of the tree is about 30mm in diameter - reasonably substantial. The plaiting has created a very strong structure. The tree has 5 'branches'. On the central wire I secured a hollow metal thread from an old brass lamp. The tree is bolted into the base. The base is a heavy weight base recycled from a broken floor lamp. The plaiting process was done cold - required quite a bit of hand strength - good to have the vice to keep it all stable.

©2012 Barry Smith - Lengths of wire read for plaiting
©2012 Barry Smith - Plaiting has begun
I will continue to add foldformed anodised aluminium leaves. Initially I will add 25 leaves - one for each length of wire. I will see how that looks - I want it to have a spare autumn look about it.


  1. this is quite fabulous -
    the natural progression for your love of leaves, it seems... i see these as submissions to shows in the upcoming year...
    the impetus for their coming about is a beautiful one - and wherever you lay your hands and heart, people are touched...
    welcome home!

  2. Wonderful, Barry, and what a marvellous idea. A tree of peace and healing. It speaks perfectly of the way you and Fiona live.

  3. What a great idea Barry. Is it hard on your hands? A rusty tree would be nice too.

  4. A brilliant concept Barry. All those yummy leaves!!

  5. Oh dear Barry.. You brought me to tears. Such a lovely gesture. Oh how I wish I could go forward with the project. Thank you so much for the healing energy!

  6. MJ, TL, C, R, JM & SZQ - thanks for commenting on the whimsical but powerful tree. MJ - it is good to be home and getting my hands into stuff. The tree has gone off to be part of an installation of 30 Christmas trees - both an artistic expression but also a community fund raiser - it will return home after Christmas and be put out in the open to cure. TL & JM- always good to do something whimsical. C - peace and healing is good - and you are right I think I might create something on a grander scale: and R it will be rusty. SZQ - sorry about the tears but it is an energy tree; and maybe we can still bring the Peace Tree into reality - maybe this year it gets driven from here. May others continue to send you and Jeff healing energy. All - go well. B

  7. love the tree!!!
    and adding my love & healing thoughts for szq & her husband x

  8. what a wonderful thought and gesture B ... i didn't know all this had happened until I caught up with your posts today.

  9. SS & LT - great to see your comments and to know you will send vibes SZQ's way. SS - I feel bad that I have not visited lately - hope you are well in your winters cape. LT - the tree has been transformed with peace doves that represent 57 countries - talk about these things getting a life of there own - check out the Community Christmas post and you will see what I mean. SS & LT - go well - thinking of you in joy and peace at this time. B


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