Sunday, December 16, 2012

Road litter

Walking down Treehaven Way after rain is always a joy. The air is crisp and the trees, flowers and road are clean; and often fungi has also emerged on posts and stumps.

But a recent walk offered a litter of leaves on the road. Because the bitumen was wet the leaves on it stood out in their beautiful shapes and colours. Fortunately I had the iPhone with me so not only was I was able to enjoy the experience; but also capture a few images. I made a rule for myself - I could only photograph leaves that were actually on the road - one has to have some boundaries!!!

And this delicate feather was attached to the road - must have got there after the rain as it was not battered and beaten into the bitumen.

As always nature offers such simple delights.


  1. Leaves wonderful, I like the shapes and color contrasts. Greetings.

  2. What a delightful and colorful walk you had. Are the reds and golds from leaves left from fall or simply their natural color? Just wondering...the colors remind me of fall here, but it's summer there, isn't it?

  3. I can 'see' your leaf earrings hiding behind these gorgeous leaves!

  4. I know what you mean about boundaries, or I might collect ALL the skelletal leaves from the ground. I really love that last leaf image - what great shapes!!

  5. fun to see your road leaves,
    they remind me so much of your metal ones!


  6. Hello, Barry.

    I feel warmth in the heart, the soul.
    Wishing you all the Happiest of Holidays!

    Thank you for your kindness.
    ruma from Japan

  7. An endless amount of inspiration there Barry.

  8. wow! now that you've photographed them this way, they are fascinating! they practically come in every color of the rainbow. the black one looked pretty intense ... can't believe i just said that about a leaf! LOL!!

    i love coming to visit you after a long time away. i love listening to the little stories that you interlace with your art. it's like i'm following you around in your everyday life ... so relaxing and not a care in the world ...

  9. Great shots, Barry. Love the colors and the shape. Leaves are just beautiful:)

    Thank you for a wonderful year of sharing your creativity, and for all the inspiration.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, may the New Year keep you safe, healthy, and creating more art so we can continually be inspired.

    Gaby xo

  10. L, J, E, VA, TL, Ruma, JM, LT & GB - yes nature just continues to offer me reminders of the beauty of leaves. Someone said to me recently " your the artist who does leaves" - at first I thought maybe I'm being pigeonholed and then I thought well being a leaf inspired artist is a good thing. L - so much uniqueness in leaves - colours and shapes. J - bit weird I know - the really hot season we have had has stressed the leaves and they have fallen as though autumn. VA - I had to laugh - I could imagine you just hoarding heaps of beautiful skeletal leaves and then saying but to what end - and then returning them to the forest. TL - yes I love the leaf form both in nature and metal. Ruma - may peace be yours. JM - everyday inspiration. LY - what a lovely thought - you are so right when we catch up with the journey of our fellow bloggers in our community it is like a conversation. Always good to know you are there. GB - may 2013 be a great year for you and our community of artists - looking forward to your collections and creations. All go well, be happy, be peace filled. B


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