Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On the cutting floor - metal that is

Over the last six months I have been the lucky recipient of quiet a few copper boilers; and was lucky to purchase a big stash of smallish silver plated EPNS trays from a couple of 'collectables - antiques' (read junk) stores.

I have cut some of the EPNS for projects as I have gone along; but I decided I needed to sort out the garage-studio and also sort out my metal. So I had a cutting day. As well as cutting up the 3 copper boilers; I sliced and diced about 10 trays; sweated handles and stands off 6-8 bowls and goblets; chopped up a brass tissue box cover; and cut down a sugar and milk set.

A few photos of the outcome.

©2012 Barry Smith - Large curve of patina copper from a copper boiler with rust stain on the bitumen
©2012 Barry Smith - Patina copper from a copper boiler with rust stain on the bitumen
©2012 Barry Smith - One and a half copper boilers - disaggregated
©2012 Barry Smith - EPNS carve up
©2012 Barry Smith - EPNS - cut, sorted and ready to go
©2012 Barry Smith - Rainbow sliver of copper burnt by the cutter disk
And part of the 'cutting floor.

©2012 Barry Smith - Copper to the left, EPNS to the right and EPNS circles - hmm!!
I also did a bit of annealing or brass and copper goblet bowls. I was so taken with the colours coming off a pewter lined copper goblet I just had to take a few shots  with camera (Canon IXUS 100 IS) in one hand and torch in the other. None of the photos are doctored. Photos taken on dusk so the colours showed up a little better.

©2012 Barry Smith - Hot orange 
©2012 Barry Smith - Goblet bowl glowing cherry red (bit out of focus)
©2012 Barry Smith - A blast of green
©2012 Barry Smith - a tinge of blue, orange and cherry red
I now have no excuses for getting into a bit of production.


  1. will be busy in 2013. Love those colours.

  2. Delicious colours and textures, B! What fun you will have playing the alchemist!

  3. verdis gris with envy ..... lucky Fiona who i know will score much of this patina rich copper.

  4. really love the colors that come with working with copper. no matter created by time or by flame ... they are magical!

  5. JM, C, SB & LT - lovers of metal it is good to get your comments - the recycled, aged and discarded metal offers so much even before working it. In fact there are times I feel bad about burning patina off when I'm annealing the metal. JM - the stash certainly will offer opportunities in 2013. C - i just loved the colours - such a temporary visual feast. SB - someone has already had discussion about how the metal might be cut (maybe some longer thin pages would be good). LT - as I said to C - I'm lucky to experience these natural colours as part of the work process. All go del - enjoy the colours around us. B


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