Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gifts and giving

Over the last month there has been a reasonable amount of action on my online 'shop'. The lead up to Christmas has meant that a few folk look for something a little different and unique to give.

I have mentioned before that I am always pleasantly surprised that Daily Words sets (inspirational words and small shallow bowl) are popular with people. I like that. It means the recipients get to receive the gift on a daily basis; and the gift adds to or gives an uplifting dimension to their lives each day they use the words.

I had a request for two sets of Daily Words including another set of Italian words. One of the things I like about the requests and the personal choice of words is that as I make the pieces I can think of the person requesting the gift and just add a little extra touch of energy into the metal as I beat and polish it.

Below are a few photos of the bowls and words. Yes - I made 4 bowls just to give me some choice. And given the highly polished nature of the bowls it was impossible to keep the reflection of me, roof of the shed and the sky out of the photos.

©2012 Barry Smith - A cluster of Daily Words bowls
©2012 Barry Smith - Italian daily words
©2012 Barry Smith - One of the bowls has a faint beaten ying-yang pattern
And talking about gifts. I had another large copper laundry boiler given to me. The boiler has a biggish hole in the bottom so no good as a cauldron - but the metal is good for me; and I'm sure Fiona will be wanting the bits with patina.

©2012 Barry Smith - The gift of copper
©2012 Barry Smith - Natural patina 1
©2012 Barry Smith - Natural patina 2
I now have three copper boilers; so I think I need to have a cutting day this week. I will make a couple of pieces for the person who gave me the copper. The giving in the world always gives me a lift.


  1. pea green with envy of those beautiful copper pots and their patina.....
    and of course, continue to love those bowls and words Barry. x

  2. I love your daily words and their fact, need to order some. This post, however, it's that copper boiler that has me salivating. Oh! The fun to be had with the patina. The marks it must make...

  3. Yes, beautiful compositions, I like reflect light, really lovely.

  4. B - love the polish and reflection in your photograph with the bowls, it hightlights your attention to detail. The patina in the copper is delicious!!

  5. Love the Daily Word bowls. I was thinking of a large installation outside a big building near a bus stop or similar - a HUGE cauldron/bowl filled with words. I guess the words would be chained to the center or something, humans are humans :)
    But, then folks could play with words while they waited for their bus. Then they might even start talking. Maybe there'd be a peace theme? Like... the words might be phrases or questions - Where are you at Peace? What is in your heart? What do you dream? blah, blah. Hmmm. I like this.... maybe I'll have to do it in some other than metal material!!

    Great cauldrons for brewing up some magic!

  6. Life is good. Copper, thoughtful gifts and words.

  7. Reflections in the bowls are just wonderful. It is so nice to know that your daily words are moving into other languages. Oh, the copper! Beautiful!

  8. "... I make the pieces I can think of the person requesting the gift and just add a little extra touch of energy into the metal as I beat and polish it."

    my goodness ... my heart gave a little leap when i read that! i thought i was the only one who would request to see clients blogs or FB to get a feel of them and their energy whenever i receive an order to make something!! what you wrote made me very happy :)

    my my ... that a HUGE boiler and LOTS of copper!! how amazing to have that appearing at your house as a gift!!

    needless to say, i'm one of your daily words fan too ... it's so simple but so powerful. words are power.

  9. S, J, L, VA, LAM, C & LT - bit of mixed post wasn't it - metal and words. Thanks for your enjoyment of both. The daily words often seem repetitious but strangely because I think that they will add to the lives of folk they all seem so unique. S, J, LT -= the daily words will always continue to flow either for sale or gifts. L - the reflected light does have its appeal!! VA - I like the idea of an installation - maybe it doesn't matter if folk take pieces and you have to replace them - that can be part of the interaction. LAM - I think of them as gifts that keep giving. C - other languages and more recently for specific purposes such ads healing words. LT - I think it is one of the threads that links me with artists such as yourself and others in our community - that we create and at times we create with energetic purpose. All - go well - and may each day be filled with goodness. B


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