Friday, February 8, 2013


There has not been a lot of time for art over the last few days; but I have made a start on a few Peace Book pendants. I have had quite a few requests for the pendants so I decided to make a series all at the one time. I quite like this process for a number of reasons including: the fact that as I have said before I like the idea that tangible peace pieces are worn and send out energy; making a series forces me to think about the words and uniqueness of the pieces; I get to use offcuts of trays; and I just like making them.

©2013 Barry Smith - 23 sheets of metal
As you can see from the photos below I have six pendants in the rough. They have been: designed; cut; sized; and drilled. I have now worked out a process. The drilling of  4 leaves of the books is often the biggest challenge - getting all the holes to line up and avoid breaking fragile drill bits.

©2013 Barry Smith - Six Peace Book pendants in the rough
©2013 Barry Smith - Square Peace Book pendant - Seek Peace Now
©2013 Barry Smith - Square Peace Book pendant - Seek Peace Now
©2013 Barry Smith - 3 leaf Peace Book pendant in the rough

©2013 Barry Smith - A stack of Peace Book pendants in the rough
A bit of polishing, adding jump-rings and chain and these Peace Book pendants should be good to go into the world and new homes.


  1. Love the stacks of metal! Are the pendants listed in your shop? I'm another who is interested in one.

  2. This is just the most wonderful series, Barry. You have a lovely range of artifacts that remind us to focus on peace, which is so important in this unsettled world of ours. I am working on a totem which is bringing me peace. How lucky we are to be artists!

  3. These will be stunning! I like so many others, love your peace book pendants. A truly lovely sentiment conveyed in a beautiful form.


  4. Hello, Barry.

     Your work is embraced in your gentleness.
     Sharing a moment of peace.
     It is a joy for all.

     Your heart warm message in the cold.
     I always give mind of thanks to you.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  5. LOVE seek peace now... its even more reminiscent of a Morrocan carved wooden window/screen. Look forward to seeing how this one resolves.

  6. Yes, I'm interested too, Barry. Are they in your shop yet, or is that jumping the gun a bit? I especially love the curved one but I know anything you make will be a treasure to own.

  7. J, R, V, AA, Ruma, VA, C & L - Thanks for expressing your views on the Peace Book pendants - they seem to hit a cord with a lot of us - wearable reminders of peace - can't be all bad. J - the ground edges of the metal stacks make them all the more appealing. R - the totem sounds like it could have some power. I like what you have done with the handheld totems - I can see you carving very small ones foot the pocket. V - the silver and the recycled plate makes them that bit more fine and attractive. AA - from a fellow metal person your comments are welcomed - glad you can see the pendants are peace vehicles. Ruma - it is good that we can create gentle ways to support peace. VA - the Moroccan thing was intentional - glad you could see what I saw in the scraps and offcuts. C - well you now have a beauty of your own. L - thanks for your comment on the design. All go well and may we do small things to spread and share peace. B


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