Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cutting and creating rust

At the moment because of the weather I am moving between indoor and outdoor art. If its raining then I'm indoors doing smaller pieces - mainly jewellery; and if it is fine I'm outdoors working on components of three larger pieces of work.

Yesterday I got a good run at cutting up rusted iron plate for my shards; a tryptic of rusted leaf-forms; and a circular pair of leaf-forms. The cutting is done with a side grinder with fibre cutting blades. Takes a bit of time and fiddling but there is a certain satisfaction in cutting the pieces out myself and by hand. Anyway I thought I'd share a few photos of the stash of cut rusted metal which is now out in the rain curing more before I get to do the assembling of the posts; and bending of the leaf forms.

To give a sense of scale - the larger leaf-form is about 1.3m long.

©2013 Barry Smith - Various shades of rust
©2013 Barry Smith - a Pair of curved rusted iron leaf-forms
©2013 Barry Smith - Rusted iron leaf forms 
©2013 Barry Smith - The different colours of rust - different ages and stages of rusting
©2013 Barry Smith - And even then there are still offcuts from the offcuts
I love it when I get to play with the rusted plate iron - the art is there before I start - nature creating gorgeous colours and patterns.


  1. oh, these are all so wonderful
    such beautiful colors come with age

  2. Delicious colours, B, and will be more so after curing in the rain.

  3. I love that yin-yang circle of leaves...

  4. TL, C & F - thanks for checking out the rusty stuff. TL & C - the colours really are worth watching and recording - such differences. F - it will be interesting to see how those pieces cure and look when given a couple of bends. Go well. B


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