Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shards - a post installation

Some time ago I posted on the work I was doing on an installation of three posts that will be heading off to an art show. I have titled the piece Shards.

Apart from the wood post form; the other main element is long slender jagged slices of rusted metal. The shards are cut from offcuts of rusted 3mm thick sheet mild steel I had in my rust bank using an off-cut blade in a handheld side grinder. Each shard is unique in shape. The shards of rust gradually spiral up each post to give a sense of movement if one walks around the post.

©2013 Barry Smith - Rusted apex of Shards
We had fine weather for most of the day yesterday so it gave me the opportunity to cut the slots into the posts; and insert the rusted metal shards into their slots. Each post could be a sculpture in its own right as you can see from the shot below.

©2013 Barry Smith - Tallest of the three Shards posts
However the posts were conceived as an installation of three. The variation in the heights and the size of the shards and the shape of each shard presents shadows and negative spaces that are quite interesting.

©2013 Barry Smith - Shards  - an installation of three posts
The posts still require bases of 10mm thick rusted metal plate. This will enable the base of the posts ti be defined and can be used to peg the posts into the ground or stand stably if shown on concrete or a verandah. Below are a couple of close up shots of the rust and wood.

©2013 Barry Smith - Detail of rusted shard and post
©2013 Barry Smith - Detail of rusted metal and top of a post
I'm hoping to finish these posts during the week - weather permitting.


  1. The three posts look amazing standing in your garden..... with the beautiful view in the background. I'm always drawn to the combination of rusted metal and weathered wood. Lovely work, Barry!

  2. Shards is magnificent! The shapes perfectly compliment the textures of the metal and wood. Just gorgeous!

  3. Ooooo, I love these... same as Robyn, weathered wood and rusted metal, so compelling!

  4. This is really beautiful Barry - I wish it was standing in my garden.

  5. wow! these are such magnificent and powerful pieces. i love them! the combination of the weathered wood and the rusted metal is beautiful and sort of poignant at the same time. i think thru time, the rust will invade the wood and would be even more beautiful to behold.

  6. Magnificent! Barry, Shards is another great success. And set against your view, the timber and rust look just wonderful.

  7. These are very beautiful Barry. I love the combination of that thick rust and weathered wood.

  8. Barry, these are wonderful to see. I also love your photography in the top and final shot, quite artful.

  9. R, AA, VA, HM, LT, C, S & TL - well it looks like we have a community of lovers of wood and rust - that can't be all bad. Without a doubt - the posts standing out in the rain are going to do their thing - rust blending with would. R - it is hard not to love the view beyond the posts - we never take it for granted. AA - Shards are good in that they are unique. VA, C S - wood and rust - what is not to love. LT - thanks for comment regarding power of the installation. TL - close images are so rewarding - just show the fact that details can be more important than the whole. All - go well. B


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