Friday, February 22, 2013

Few things on Friday

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag but there were a couple of art things going on: the 22 sheets Corten steel (3mx1m) for the placemaking path were delivered to the recycling centre where workers and volunteers will cut the 23 foliage motifs into the steel; and I continued some work on a couple of raised bowls.

I delivered the cutting template and talked the recycling folk through the cutting process - so many right and so many left cuts etc etc. It is now in their hands - I'm holding my breath - it will take about a week to cut all the sheets with a hand held plasma cutter.

But while I was there I spied 7 fencing foils and just could not resist buying them - I'm really sure they will make a great installation on the block - I'm sure Fiona agrees - hmmm!!!

©2013 Barry Smith - 7 recycled fencing foils in a recycled copper shower base
The bowl raising has come along quite well; but there will still be a session or two to complete the raising and polishing etc.

©2013 Barry Smith - Two silver-plate raised bowls on the annealing bed
©2013 Barry Smith - The larger of the two raised bowls in the rough on a rusted leaf form
©2013 Barry Smith - The larger of the two raised bowls in the rough on a rusted leaf form - starting to rain
©2013 Barry Smith - The beaten internal surface of the larger raised bowl
I just love the texture of the inside surface of the raised bowl - so many hammer marks. But I think it is time for me to head off and make a risotto; and of course break out a Friday glass of wine.


  1. What a find! Almost too good to mess with

  2. Hi Barry, you have found some amazing things.

  3. HELLO B!!!!! I'm BACK ... well, sort of :)
    I couldn't tell what the first image were until you said "fencing" :) didn't know the 'swords' were called 'fencing foils' as well ... but what a great find!! and the bowls you're raising, looks gorgeous as always :)

  4. The thumbnail pic in my sidebar peeked my curiosity. Lucky find indeed! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  5. B, the foils will make a wonderful installation in your garden! And of course, the bowls are so special, and getting better and better. Lovely photos...

  6. The bowls are lovely... can't wait to see what you do with all those fencing swords...

  7. N, L, LT, R, C & D - I thought the thumbnail of the fencing foils (aka swords) might be a little intriguing. Yes they were a goof find and too good to walk by. I think in the end I will not change them - they will just become an installation on the block. The biggest issue will be finding the right spot and best lay out. LT - so good to see you back - hope you have had an energising break and are well and ready to get into the year of the Snake in a fully creative way. C, LT & D - I'm looking forward to finishing the larger bowl - beautiful silver-plate and the size os such a comfortable fit in the hand. Go well. B


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