Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Clean air and new life

As you can see from an earlier post we have been shrouded in cloud and rain for over a week. And whist there have been a couple of times the sun tried to break through in the afternoon and created ethereal skies (including the pink-out as compared to our usual misty white-outs) shown in the photos below - we were hanging out for clear skies and sun.

©2013 Barry Smith - Pink clods and mist over the valley
©2013 Barry Smith - Sun struggles to shine through over the valley 
And this morning we woke to exactly that. At first Fiona thought we had left a light on but then realised that the light at 4.30am was just early morning pre-sunrise light seeping into the room.

Fiona headed off to her circuit training at 6am and I walked - with my iPhone so I share but a few of the images that caught my eye. All photos are naked shots including the Autostitched panoramas above. Mind you you can see my walk was more of a stroll given the number of photo stops - there goes the fitness program!!!

©2013 Barry Smith - Small leaf on rusted metal leaf
©2013 Barry Smith - An edge of copper patina
©2013 Barry Smith - Delicate almost transparent fungi
©2013 Barry Smith - Leaves in small pool on the road
©2013 Barry Smith - Newly preened feather on the road
©2013 Barry Smith - Weather and road beaten core of a Pine cone
©2013 Barry Smith - Delicate tiny blossom
©2013 Barry Smith - Small fungi beginnings
©2013 Barry Smith - Even the bees were active
©2013 Barry Smith - Droplets - clean and crisp
©2013 Barry Smith - New fresh growth
This afternoon has turned cloudy and rainy again but spirits have been lifted by the sun.


  1. Your autostitched panoramas continue to amaze me and I always love the misty landscapes.

  2. Wow... if I painted those pink skies, folks would not believe they might have been real somewhere in time! Beautiful. A stroll with picture taking is a bit of a different kind of fitness program, I think, artist's eye fitness program!

  3. ~IMAGINE...if you just breezed right would have missed all these wonderful bits of life surrounding's to strolling along soaking up the beauty at hand...much love light and blessings~

  4. Gorgeous pink sky, lovely photos, especially that green leaf on the rusted leaf. Our weather is alternating between torrential rain followed by brilliant blue skies, each taking about ten minutes, then swapping again. Good day for getting into the studio...

  5. R, VA, B & C - thanks for checking out the natural beauty that surrounds us. R - I also never get sick of those misty l;landscapes - I was thinking today what would it look like if I got together a heap of the shots I have taken over the last year or so - might do that. VA - artist's eye fitness program - that made me laugh - thanks. B - yes it is good to stroll now and then - smell the roses!! C - sounds like we are sharing weather patterns - we also are back to flipping between showers and sunlight - only I can't get into my outdoor 'studio'. Go well. B


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