Friday, February 1, 2013

Finished for Friday

Between cleaning up the block and house after the storm and a bit of community volunteer work I have grabbed a couple of hours for art here and there. I have been focussing on Peace Book Pendants and Peace Leaves. Seem to be in one of those phases!!!

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Book Pendants - toy camera photo
The Peace Book Pendants are proving to be popular; and a few will wing their way to new homes of the next couple of days.

I managed to complete three Peace Book Pendants - all a bit similar but also quite unique. This time I tried a square (about 4-5cm) book form with five jump rings as a spine; a long rectangular book-form (about 2cm wide and 4-5cm long); and a smaller rectangular form (about 2.5cm by 3.5cm). All the 'pages' are made from recycled metal and were cut free hand - so the 'pages' have a worn unevenness about them. The cover of the longer rectangle is cut from the side of an old cylindrical salt cellar.

©2013 Barry Smith - A trio of Peace Book Pendants
©2013 Barry Smith - A trio of Peace Book Pendants - covering page
©2013 Barry Smith - A trio of Peace Book Pendants - words page
©2013 Barry Smith - A trio of Peace Book Pendants - open
As you can see from the photos I have used two peace aspirations: seek peace and imagine peace. And I continue to make the Peace Leaves from recycled silver-plated EPNS. Why? It is a way of putting the peace ripples and aspirations out there.

©2013 Barry Smith - A trio of silver-plated Peace Leaves - toy camera photo
©2013 Barry Smith - A trio of silver-plated Peace Leaves
I'm not sure why; but I think there is a bit of an association between peace and the silver - quiet and unstated but strong.


  1. Your Peace Book Pendants are completely beautiful. I think one might have my name on it!! ?

  2. Barry, you come up with such beautiful ideas to send peace ripples out into the world.

  3. Your peace book pendants speak to my heart. They are simply wonderful.

  4. Your peace book pendants are gorgeous! So glad the storm clean up is allowing some time for you to create.

  5. Your peace book pendants are truly lovely! You keep going from strength to strength. Yes, I think I need one, too. You are going to be kept busy, B!

  6. Looks like you are really into the jewellery business Barry. Beautiful work, no doubt flying out the door.

  7. This work is seriously getting better and better and I love it. :)) Thanks, Lyn

  8. CLB, R, J, AA, C & JM - I'm really pleased that the simple beauty of the Peace Books speak to you as much as they do to me; and that you think that they are a vehicle for just taking a little more peace energy into the world. I must say I do focus on trying to make them unique; and in doing so imbue them with their own message. CLB - hope one day you will wear one and be a peace bearer. R - I think the metal and Fiona speak to me about peace. J - honoured that you say these speak to you. AA - it is uplifting to be able to create again after feeling like we were camping and a bit cut off from the world even though we weren't too badly done by - but thanks for your thoughts. C - as long as I can get my hands on silver-plated EPNS I guess I will create. JM - the metal dictates - and so the jewellery must flow. All - go well and create well and ripple peace. B


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