Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back on line

As Fiona indicated in her last post we have had some trying weather on the mountain and in fact half of Queensland.

©2013 Barry Smith - Looking south to the valley below
I the main we did not have a bad experience like people who had to be evacuated and lost all their possessions. Our main issues were: few small trees-bushes down; dealing with the lack of power for just short of three days; no landline phone and no internet for 4 days; showering in the rain; collecting water for drinking and toilets; cooking on a gas single burner stove etc - bit like camping at home really.

We had a bit of water inundation; but we got over that after we got outside and dug a diversion drain.

Anyway I thought I'd share a couple of photos of the storm and rain.

©2013 Barry Smith - Torrents of rain - looking to the west
©2013 Barry Smith - Rain-out to the east
©2013 Barry Smith - Unusual storm light at dusk
©2013 Barry Smith - So the tanks are full then
And then a beautiful sunset with magic colours after the storm and rain moved south.

©2013 Barry Smith - Clean sunset after the storm passed through
And a couple of photos of the rust where I had been cutting up metal for shards.

© 2013 Barry - Battered Frangipani flower and rusted iron filings after the rain
©2013 Barry Smith - Edge of the drain and rusted iron filings
©2013 Barry Smith - Storm drain grate and rusted iron filings

All photos taken with the iPhone; and none have been altered with apps.

At the moment we are in returning the yard and house to shape; and we will get to a bit of art as the time permits.


  1. Glad things are back to normal at your place. All good with me too XX

  2. Glad you came through with minor trouble, it sounded terrible there!! Love the rust, beautiful. Take care :)

  3. Glad you survived relatively unscathed. We are in the lee of the hill so missed the worst of it, other than shredded foliage all over the decks. Do your iron filings go down the drain? Is that a good idea?

  4. love the sight of overflowing tanks!

  5. True to form, you have managed to find the beauty in a distressing situation. Hope all is remedied soon.

  6. N, VA, JM, SB & AA - thanks for your thoughts re our coping with the recent storms and heavy heavy rain; and that we came through pretty unscathed. N - I had to laugh at your post - seems like we were all camping at home one way or another. VA - not fun after a couple of days without power water phone internet etc - but then again not life threatening. Jm - glad you missed it ; and the filings just rust on the bitumen etc -= they don't float down the drain. SB - full tanks is good. AA - you are correct - even trying times offer bits of beauty. All peace. B

  7. glad you are safe & well.... great photo opportunity tho! x


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