Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For Liz & adding a peace page

A good friend of ours - Liz and her husband popped in today to drop off a book. If I'm a leaf person Liz is a feather person.

Amidst a myriad of things that we talked about I showed her the feather earrings - it was in love at first sight - but it seems they did not quite suit - but "a feather pendant would be nice". So this afternoon a couple of feathers for pendants were made. One from silver-plate over copper and one from silver-plate over brass. The outcomes are shown in the photos below. The feather forms are about 6-7.5cm long and about 1-1.5cm wide. I deliberately left the bent and crinkled look to the feather forms - just seemed to be a bit more like the ones found by the roadside

©2013 Barry Smith - Feather form pendant 1 - silver-plate over copper
©2013 Barry Smith - Feather form pendant 2 - silver-plate over brass
©2013 Barry Smith - Feather forms
And whilst I was at it I thought I'd add a page to the earlier layered pendant - so it is now a Peace Pendant as well. As you can see from the first photo the additional page is made from silver-plate over copper. I will be a bit sad when I finish the metal from this tray.

©2013 - A Peace Page
©2013 Barry Smith - Becoming Peace Book 2
©2013 Barry Smith - Becoming Peace Book 2
It was grand to spend a little time at the anvil; and good to add a little more towards this year of peace.


  1. Perfectly lovely sentiment expressed so beautifully in your book pendant. Love the feathers as well.

  2. ~barry...beautifully took such thought and transformed it into a gorgeous piece...i love seeing the books evolve...may you find more trays to come your's to a wonderful day well and blessings always~

  3. You've made the perfect pendant even more perfect! Your photos really show it to great advantage. And, B, your feather pendants are wonderful!

  4. love the are doing some great stuff....I think you and your anvil are evolving.....

  5. love the anvil antics and your anvil are going places young man.....


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