Friday, January 25, 2013

Post installation on a rainy Friday

Yesterday I started work on an installation of three posts that I think might make its way into the Aspects Art Show 2013 in Goondiwindi.

When complete the tallest post will be 1.55m; and the other two about 1.3m and 1.15m. The posts are 150mm square. I have cut the posts from lengths of timber that were left over from the building of our house. The one I cut up was set aside because it had faults in the timber and not good for structural strength; but good for art.

©2013 Barry Smith - Posts for installation
The working title for the three post installation is Shards Rising - as I will be embedding shards of recycled 3mm mild steel into the faces of the posts but in a rising pattern. Photos of the steel marked up; and some of the shards cut. The cutting is done using my angle grinder with special cutting disks. I didn't get to finish the cutting job today as planned because it needs to be done outside and it has been raining pretty well no-stop since yesterday afternoon.

©2013 Barry Smith - Partial detail of beautiful rust sheet - marked up
©2013 Barry Smith - Some shards cut - longest 900mm
And as I was cutting steel, and one piece of the steel sheets was big enough, I cut a largish leaf out as a by product. It will get a bit of grinding and bending before it is finished.

©2013 Barry Smith - Rusted Leaf - about 1m long & 300mm wide
And of course after the rain the iron dust from the cutting process is turning a beautiful rust; as is all the other metal that has been left out in the rain.

©2013 Barry Smith - Water, rusted iron dust and leaf.
Still a long way to go with these posts by the design is there and the cutting and preparation has begun.


  1. Sometimes I wish I was younger and do things like this. Love the idea, look forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. I always find it very relaxing when all the elements are cut and everything is ready to proceed and there is time to ponder (and play with ideas).

  3. I like how they are standing in conversation... and I wasn't sure at first look, if that leaf in the last photo was real or metal!

  4. This looks like it will be another fascinating piece. It's always inspiring to see what you are up to.

  5. so amazing how you are always up to new ideas and artful adventures. Always interesting to see the wonderful things you are making.

  6. Like Robyn - think this pause is at a beautiful place. A lovely moment to contemplate and enjoy.

  7. P,. R, VA, AA, TL & SB - thanks for your comments - given I tend to do small stuff when beating metal it is good to do some big pieces. P - they are heavy - but part of my fitness program!!! R & SB - I totally agree there is a satisfaction in having al, the pieces ready for assemblage a delicious pause. VA - I love the idea that the posts stand around having conversations. AA & TL - maybe I'm just a restless artist - same medium and generally similar themes but I do like to find unique ways of expressing my love of timber. rusted metal the square post and a sense of standing and upward movement.


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