Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Playing with hammers and metal

On Monday our friend Sue and I spent a good half day playing with recycled silver-plated EPNS, hammers, metal shears/snips, anvils, polishers etc etc.

Sue wanted to see what simple but beautiful things she could create. She thought she might make a pendant. Well the hours in the garage-studio resulted in a bit more than that - in the end Sue made 5 pendants.

And after a little encouragement she made these delightful set of beaten earrings with punched holes.

It is always great to see someone get into the metal and workshop. To see the smile on her face just showed how much Sue enjoyed the experience.

Now of course she is planning to buy a few basic tools to continue to make a few more pieces for herself when she returns home.


  1. Well done Sue! And so generous of you Barry, to share your knowledge, skills and studio with another.

  2. HA! You're an enabler... wonderful!!

  3. Looks like you've inspired another great metal worker, Barry.

  4. Wonderful work Sue, and how lovely to have Barry as a teacher!

  5. Lucky Sue - beautiful work - especially the squares! Wonderful for you to share your talent Barry. You always do ....

  6. J, VA, JM, C & SB - hi all as Sue follows this blog she will be able to see your positive feedback first hand; but I will also let her know. Regarding sharing - hmmm!!! I think it is two way gift giving - lovely experience for folk but I get joy in seeing how filled with happiness they are - spreads a bit more peace. And some folk will go on with it but most will have that one lovely experience and a tangible thing to bring memories and smiles. Peace. B

  7. Thanks Barry for your kindness and the opportunity to have such fun in your studio. I am loving wearing my beautiful pendants and ear rings. Cheers


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