Sunday, January 13, 2013

Inspired by feathers

We are in the midst of a heat wave. This is quite unusual on the mountain where it is often cooler than on the lower lands. On our morning walks Fiona and I have noticed many more feathers on the road and beside the road.

We wondered if the birds were feeling the heat to such an extent that they were shedding some of their plumage. We hope they are coping OK; and that this heatwave passes through in the next couple of days.

We were intrigued by the colour and delicacy of some of the feathers so collected a few to photograph at home as you can see below.

©2013 Barry Smith - A trio of tiny delicate feathers from the roadside
©2013 Barry Smith - A pair of roadside feathers - toy camera treatment
©2013 Barry Smith - A pair of roadside feathers
©2013 Barry Smith - Pale-headed rosella wing feathers?
©2013 Barry Smith - Pale-headed rosella wing feathers? - toy camera treatment
And of course nature is a great inspirer. It is too hot to do too much work in the garage-studio - but I felt the creation of a small pair of feather forms for earrings would not be too great an exertion. The feathers below are made from a scrap of recycled silver-plated EPNS that was lying on the bench. The feather forms are about 4cm long and 1cm wide.

©2013 Barry Smith Pair of hand formed feather forms
©2013 Barry Smith - Feather form earrings.
Fiona said that though she loved these feather forms - maybe they could go into the shop.


  1. The feather form earrings are beautiful - I think they will go on my wish list!

  2. lovely, lovely - can't beat the delicate and magical beauty of feathers

  3. Good photos. Delicious feathers, exquisite textures, very pretty.

  4. These photos are mazing B - and I do love the feathers, just feeling a bit guilty that I have received so much bounty of late! F

  5. Love the feathers. You guys always amaze me. Everything you see turns into something lovely. Our weather is opposite. We've had 4 days of freezing weather.... it doesn't ever freeze much in Chandler, AZ! Australia made our news with all the fires you've all had. Do stay safe!

  6. ~to the shop they SHOULD go...feathers have always been a touchstone to me...they hold deep spiritual meanings and you created them just so...gorgeous b both pictures and art...i just saw the news the other day about the severe weather you are having...i shall hold thoughts of rain for your well and much love~

  7. Birds don't fare well in the heat. Hope you have a birdbath. Ours is often crowded these days. LOVE those earrings.

  8. i wish for you and fiona a little cool, and maybe more than a little coolness. feathers are small miracles of engineering.

  9. Beautiful beautiful photographs Barry. Nice to have nature step in and inspire when the heat melts out thoughts!

  10. CL:B, N, L, F, SZQ, B, JM, V & SB - thanks for the feedback regarding the photos and the beaten metal. CLB - love the idea feather earrings will be on your wish list - they could be in the shop soon. N & V - I agree feathers are so well engineered by nature - so strong and yet so delicate. L - yes beautiful soft texture. F - you are always welcome to the bounty of beaten metal. SZQ - thanks for your thoughts regarding heat and fires. F and I are lucky to have each other to show each other beauty. B - I know what you mean about the spiritual connection with feathers - they are like small portals. JM - we do have one large water bowl - but fortunately in the land below us there is a heap of lakes - a great boon for birds. V& SB - the miracles of nature can cut through the heat and inspire us - we are so lucky. All go well and be filled with quiet joy. B


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