Sunday, January 20, 2013

A year for peace

Fiona and I have had a few planning sessions for 2013 - we use these to work out what work-work we might do; what maintenance and development needs to be done in the garden and on the house; and what opportunities we might follow up regarding our art. One of the things I would like to do this year is to use my leaf forms as a vehicle to promote a little more peace consciousness. This will not bring about world peace but in small ways it would just be good to get a few more ripples out there.

Other ways I can use my art to contribute to the peace movement might include: celebrating International Day of Peace again on 21 September; being part of Flags for Peace if it goes ahead again this year;  and maybe creating a peace tree with leaves contributed by folk from different parts of the globe.

The Peace Leaves production has already started and several of them have made their way into the world. Over the weekend I managed to make four more. One has made its way into my shop; and another as a farewell gift to our local baker who are closing up shop and leaving town after serving us well for many years. A few photos of the four Peace Leaves are below.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace in flame stain
©2013 Barry Smith - A quartet of Peace Leaves before polishing
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Leaf - before polishing with fire stain
©2013 Barry Smith - A polished quartet of Peace Leaves - photographed in low light
©2013 Barry Smith - Seek Peace - Peace Leaf - photographed in low light
The Peace Leaves were all made from the edges of a single rectangular middle sized silver-plated EPNS tray. Most trays I recycle are oval and therefore have very curved ends and I only tend to get two offcuts from the sides suitable for making leaf forms.

Regarding the peace tree - it was an idea SZQ and I have been sharing and working on over the last year; and we will do something about it when the time is right.


  1. ~the thought of a peace tree is wonderful...gathering bits from artists to create a deeply rooted piece for peace...if ever it comes to be i would love to contribute a piece...keep us posted...and as for your leaves....delicate and beautifully done...warm wishes and brightest of blessings~

  2. I like making plans... the ones you've shared sound great, especially the peace treee. Look forward to hearing more. Have a great (and peaceful) week.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful leaves! I hope the Peace Tree will extend its branches all over this year, it's an inspiring idea.

  4. Wonderful ... Fantastic compositions, I really like these sheets messengers of peace. Greetings.

  5. B, VA & E - I'm encouraged by your comment regarding the Peace Tree - and that you could contribute. I think I will launch a new blog for it in the next couple of weeks so that folk can have plenty of time to create a litter of Peace Leaves. I will keep you posted. Go well and may we share peace in small but regular ways. B

  6. lovely to consider peace
    also to see your beautiful metal pieces, the first photo looks like a wonderful painting ~

  7. TL - I must admit I have a new camera for taking shots of smaller works - better anti shake bailies and deals with low light better so it allows me to take better macros of some pieces. I also loved that first shot. Go well. B


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