Friday, January 11, 2013

Metal Peace Book Pendant

Last Friday I posted on a layered hinged pendant thingy. So of those who left comments said it reminded them of a book. So whilst I was working with Sue in the garage-studio on Monday I took the book pendant idea one step further and so created a Peace Book pendant for Fiona.

Basically it is a layered pendant hinged via jump rings.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Book - cover
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Book - mysterious peace words peeking through
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Book - open at words
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace is every step
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Book - 4 leaves
As you can see from the photos above the 'book' has 4 leaves (8 pages): front cover - formerly scrolled worked silver plated coaster; second leaf  - slotted trim from a silver-plated drink tray; and third and fourth leaves - formerly small silver-plated cake-biscuit tray.

The slotted leaf allows the words stamped on the third leaf to show through with a bit of mystery. The third leaf (5th page) is stamped with one of Fiona's favourite quotes: Peace is every step. The 7th page (fourth leaf) could provide the owner with the opportunity to add a paper page.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Book pendant with triple chain
A piece of wearable peace art?


  1. What a gorgeous peace book necklace! Just you have it in mind to make more...perhaps to sell? Hint. Hint.

  2. ~Barry...your mind continues to unravel ideas in the most magnificent ways...i think you are onto something's truly a beautiful piece...a peace book seems perfectly fitting for her...i am sure she loves it just well and blessings always~

  3. Wow...this is brilliant barry and I agree with jennifer...a potential shop item?
    many thanks for the card...would love to meet up with you and fiona if you travel here this year...Mary Jane and I are planning to get together at some point this year as we live only a few hours apart

  4. Fantastic idea and art piece as always!

  5. Beautiful... love the draping chain, too.

  6. Barry, you are amazing! This is a beautiful piece and perfect for Fiona. And to my surprise and delight my parcel arrived this morning! Thank you so much, an email is coming.

  7. N, P, J, B, L, AM, VA & C - Fiona wore the Peace Book pendant today and it really was made for her - looked so right. And as you know such ideas come from a amalgamation of inspirations: a comment about book pendants; a peace quote; layers; movement etc etc. P & C - I often say that Fiona gets to test the pro types - but this one was deigned with her in mind. J, B & L- I liked the end result so I think there will be more but maybe with the favourite peace quote of individuals? L - it would be great to catch up - I didn't realise you and MJ were so close. We will see what the year brings. Am - I'm glad you liked it - it looks a bit like a treasure? Va - the triple chain was in part inspired by a triple wire neck piece Fiona has. I adapted and used reclaimed and therefore recycled antiqued stainless steel chain.All go well and peace. B

  8. Beautiful B! Now if I had read your blog before F came over yesterday I may have put two & two together, was F wearig it? I was admiring it from afar... K

  9. K & SZQ - thanks for your comments - always appreciated from fellow artists. K - yes Fiona was wearing it - she was keen to get it and wear it to send peace ripple out. SZQ - this may become one of my things - good way to share peace. Go well. B

  10. Such a beautiful piece Barry! Did you ever see yourself side tracking into jewellery? The feather earrings are also lovely.

  11. Oh goodness gracious me....truly a peace made in heaven....well done young man.


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