Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sometimes you just play

Many things were achieved over the weekend- the mundane like weeding, cleaning the car and 'whipper-snipping' the weeds. But Fiona and I also got to go on a metal buying tour to increase my stash as I have an exhibition to work towards - more on the stash and exhibition later; and I managed to devise another travelling anvil for Japan - but I won't bore folk with that here.

I did however also get time to make a few more Steampunk influenced pieces - two pendants and a set of earrings. I could have done other things but these pieces of metal just called to be cut, bent, drilled, riveted and assembled. They were just a boost of refreshing creativity.

The pendant below is a foldformed piece of brass (about 4cm square) and pieces of a fob-watch. The parts are riveted in place with copper rivets; and the chain is heavy stainless steel (about 65cm long).

©2013 Barry Smith - Slice of Time 1
The second pendant has a piece (about 6cm long and 2.5cm wide) of scroll EPNS from an old drink tray; half  a brass body of a fob-watch; the brass gonger out of a small clock; and a brass clock collar piece. The silverplated chain is about 65cm long.

©2013 Barry Smith - Slice of Time 2
The asymmetrical  are made from the stainless steel body of a fob-watch. I love the fact that the pieces still have their ruby stones in place. These are a really fun pair.

©20123 Barry Smith - Jewels of Time
©20123 Barry Smith - Jewels of Time
Finding time to make for creativity's sake is good. Blogger is very slow etc tonight so keeping it all brief


  1. Fabulous pieces! I particularly LOVE the earrings!!!
    All the best on the exhibition and work ahead,

  2. Busy as ever, Barry! You wouldn't have bored me with your traveling anvil, BTW, I find that all very interesting. Have a good week!

  3. Asymmetrical works very well. You have found your niche, Barry.

  4. Hi AM, VA & JM - thanks for the feedback on my indulging myself work. Still having a bit of creative fun is good for the soul. AM - from a found earring perspective these are also some of my favourites; and thanks for support regarding exhibition - I know you have been putting in some real hard yards for your exhibition so you know what goes into it. VA - the anvil will get an airing in the post but a bit down the track. JM - pleased you enjoyed the asymmetrical character of the earrings. All - go well and enjoy the days. B

  5. B ... you really are on full "steam" !! so love all your steampunk pieces so far. Tho i am hoping to see a steampunk light catcher ;)

  6. these are all gorgeous Barry! truly.

    whipper snipping, i will have to try and remember that, i believe we call it weed whacking. yours sounds a little gentler.

  7. LT & TL - thanks for checking these latest offerings out. LT - I did a Steampunk light catcher but it is sold. Ceck out TL - I love the term weed wacking better. Go well. B


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