Friday, August 30, 2013

Back by popular demand

Well - back by popular demand - not so sure about that - however I have been asked to do more functional pieces for Shannon's functional art stall at the Real Food Festival.

So I'm doing Leaf Spoons (teaspoons) - today I made 6 - and don't they just look like a shoal of fish or tadpoles?
©2-13 Barry Smith - Leaf Spoons - about 12-13cm long
©2-13 Barry Smith - Silver plate over copper Leaf Spoon - about 12-13cm long
And a stash of ladles - I made a few a week or so ago - but I have made another 6 over the last couple of days - ranging from a big soup ladle to a small chocolate sauce ladle.

©2013 Barry Smith - A stash of ladles
©2013 Barry Smith - Large soup ladle - bowl about 10cm wide & 4-5cm deep
©2013 Barry Smith - Pair of shallow ladles - about 7cm wide
©2013 Barry Smith - Three small ladles - chocolate anyone?
I have also experimented with creating a Leaf Pate Knife - the prototype turned out well

©2013 Barry Smith - Pate leaf knife - heavy gauge silver plated EPNS - about 20cm long
©2013 Barry Smith - Pate leaf knife - heavy gauge silver plated EPNS
But when I went into production the three I made just fell to pieces - the recycled metal was just beautiful on the outside but very brittle underneath as you can see from the breaks in the photo below. Always a risk of recycling metal.

©2013 Barry Smith - Supposedly A1 quality silver-plated EPNS - couldn't handle the heat or the hammer
This is a short post as Fiona need to get our 'glad rags' on and head to Eudlo for the official opening of our Paths to Peace and Stillness exhibition at Rosebed Street Gallery


  1. Love the shoal of fish/tadpole photo... wonderful.

  2. These really are pieces of art to hold and honor. I assume that when used the work gathers a patina, in honor of being hand made. Lovely.

  3. VA & LAM - thanks for checking out the functional pieces - same techniques but often not recognised as artistic - but art is how we see it is it not. Go well. B

  4. Always love your funky functional pieces :) tho i had a noty thought when the tadpole spoons first loaded onto my screen ... ;)


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