Friday, August 16, 2013

Peace on Friday

I sit here with a glass of red and Fiona after a full day of Friday art and community commitments - a good way to end the week after a full week which included a quick trip to Melbourne to say farewell to a good friend and to support his partner.

For much of the day Fiona has worked on exhibition pieces and I have worked with her on our 'secret commission' - all will be revealed when it is possible. But what I want to share is the Peace stuff that has happened  yesterday and today.

First I received a parcel from someone I did not know - strange. Through a friend connection Nikki and her very young daughters had heard about the Peace Tree and the request for Peace Leaves. She and her daughters have created 28 autumn coloured leaves with peace in many languages and sent them to me in time for installation on the Peace Tree for International Day of Peace (21 September). You can see from the photos below what an exquisite job they did.

©2013 Barry Smith - Leaves of Peace for the Peace Tree
©2013 Barry Smith - Leaves of Peace for the Peace Tree
And given the crazy killings that have occurred in so many places in the last week this personal effort by Nikki and her daughters gave me a little hope in a sad week - I salute them and thank them.

I was encouraged by their work to begin the task of stringing my Peace Flags as part of the Flags for Peace initiative. I got about half way before rushing out the door to take part in a meeting on a disaster management plan for Maleny. The photos below, taken by Fiona, show that my string of metal peace flags will fly and send some peace vibes into this sometimes crazy world.

©2013 Fiona Dempster - A string of peace
©2013 Fiona Dempster - A metal peace 'flag'
©2013 Fiona Dempster - A metal peace dove
©2013 Fiona Dempster - A tangle of peace
I have used bright green string-rope so folk won't run into it; and because peace should be bright and shine. Fiona gave me the metal peace doves - she brought them back as a gift for me after her Melbourne get-together with her 'bestie' Sue.  An uplifting way to end the day. And the wine is also helping.


  1. Yes, I love these beautiful compositions, exquisite form to evoke peace! Wonderful photos!

  2. Love your string of peace.... I had a bit of time and a plan to make some leaves for your tree... sadly, I HATED the results and haven't had a chance to try again. Sounds like an intense week for you losing a friend, take care.

  3. i love the string of peace as well - just lovely! and the leaves are wonderful. i am working on some for that project as we speak -

  4. L, VA & MJ - it is a while since I have had the time to respond to generous and supportive comments - sorry and thanks. L - it is good when art gives peace a chance. VA - I think even unsatisfactory peace leaves can and would bring peace. VA & MJ - thanks for pointing out the beauty of string of peace - on reflection it has beautiful meaning of linking and holding peace together. MJ - looking forward to whatever peace leaves you can offer - I think the unity of leaves from all over the place in itself can add a little to the peace message. Go well - peace. B


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