Friday, August 23, 2013

Punkish blackboard

Ann from Rosetta Books coffee shop asked if I could give her blackboard a Steampunkish make over; and similar to the display board I did earlier for my Steampunk jewellery that will be sold through her coffee shop.

I cut up and polished another couple of pushbike gear cassettes to give me something to work with - I love the great images these pieces create when stacked on the floor. The cassettes were made of two different hard metals - one titanium and the other hardened stainless steel - suffice to say the common metal drill bits were had it by the time I drilled out the holding rivets.

©2013 Barry Smith - Beautiful shiny chopped bike gears
©2013 Barry Smith - Beautiful shiny chopped bike gears
And the 1m high by 700mm wide blackboard got the makeover. I have used recycled copper from a discarded copper shower base; clock parts; some pieces of foldformed brass from old jardinieres; the bike gears; and new copper and brass nails and tacks. A few rushed photos of the blackboard taken with the iPhone follow.
©2013 Barry Smith - Corner of the board - gears and foldformed bits
©2013 Barry Smith - Odd angle photo of the blackboard

©2013 Barry Smith - Clock parts along the lower edge
©2013 Barry Smith - Clock parts and gears
I delivered the board to Ann today - I'm looking forward to seeing both the blackboard and display board mounted on the wall.

Fiona thought it was a bubbles kind of Friday night given that our exhibition unofficially opened today and we have done almost all the riveting on our 11 commission pieces.


  1. Barry, the blackboard frame looks great!! Ann must be delighted.


  2. Hello, Barry.

     Expression of very cool, nice sense.
     Fascinating photographing.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  3. I think both you and Ann would have enjoyed a glass of bubbles last night. She would be celebrating her re vamped blackboard, and you (and Fiona) would have had plenty to sit down a celebrate. Nearly finished the riveting .... surely there are a few more bubbles to be savoured there ....!

  4. R, Ruma, LT & SB - thanks for your comments on this latest Steampunkish effort. R - thanks - Ann is delighted - she is having some chalk sign writing done on it - I'm hoping the Blackboard and display board might be up by the weekend. L - cool reuse? SB - F & I are gradually ticking items off the list - bubbles can't be too far away. All - go well. B


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