Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Setting up Peace and Stillness Exhibition

Much of today was given over to packing the car; travelling down to and back from Rosebed Street Gallery in Eudlo; and setting up Fiona and my joint exhibition - Paths to Peace and Stillness.

We were happy with the outcome - we are in a quiet white room and our works complement each other and make quiet statements about peace and stillness.

The few random photos below were hurriedly taken with the iPhone and don't do justice to the body of work or how it is set out in the room - but they at least show the works are on walls and plinths.

©2013 Barry Smith - A case full of goodies - Peace Book Pendants, Peace Leaves and Daily Words
©2013 Barry Smith - A plinth of Leaf Incense Burners
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace and Stillness - two book cover personal shrines with leaves and bowls
©2013 - Plints full of Fiona quiet pieces and our bowls of scrolls.
©2013 Barry Smith - one of many of Fiona's wall pieces and her Peace Mends the World book
It was a big weight off our minds and hands given the works have been delivered - sigh of relief!!! The exhibition will softly open on Friday 23 August; and will officially open (more boisterously with 'musos' and bubbles) at 7pm on Friday 30 August. The exhibition will remain open until 6 October.


  1. WOWEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! that is SUPER GORGeoUS!!my goodness the white timber cladded wall sure brings all your pieces out very well. I am especially in love with the book cover shrines ... those look just divine! Good luck on the exhibition and have fun!! xo

  2. Hi L - thanks heaps for your support - and I can totally understand how the book personal shrines might appeal to you. B

  3. Yes, no doubt, I like your pursuit of peace and transmit get it!

  4. Your collaborative works exude a sense of calm that is apparent in these pictures. Just beautiful! Hope it's a successful and enjoyable exhibition for both of you.

  5. L & AA - thanks for checking out the rough setup photos. Thanks for your good wishes. We have our official opening Friday 30 Aug) - could be a biggish night. Peace. B


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