Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sand and shadows

Last week Fiona and I were on the beach catching up with Rina a Japanese exchange student, her foster family and Merv who went to Tatebayashi as part of the art-culture exchange earlier this year.

It was getting towards sundown - I was very taken by the shadows created by objects that had been stranded on the sand - lovely riverlets created by the receding water.

©2013 Barry Smith - Micro jelly-fish (less than 1cm in diameter)
©2013 Barry Smith - Stone and shadow
©2013 Barry Smith _ Shadow and shell
©2013 Barry Smith - Heart stone
©2013 Barry Smith - Remnants of a sea urchin
©2013 Barry Smith - Tea bag in the sand
©2013 Barry Smith - Feather
And of course there was the setting sun.

©2013 Barry Smith - Our group walks the sunset
Just love it how nature creates such simple beauty.


  1. B, these are wonderful photos! Calming and beckoning as only the sea can be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the shell and heartstone photos, great patterns.

  3. AA & VA - sorry for my tardy reply to your comments. AA - I think there is a little of the ocean in all of us as it does seem (on most occasions) to calm. VA - I love how the small and fragments of things can offer us such joy. I'm pleased to be able to share a little of our side of the globe. Go well. B


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