Friday, August 2, 2013

Shiny shrines

The creation of pieces for the Paths to Peace and Stillness exhibition rolls on. On my list I had 7 Personal Shrines to be made. I had made 5 so 2 to go. I have found some time during the week to start the process and had all but finished them - today I put the finishing touches to not 2 but rather 3 very shiny shrines including their peace and stillness leaf forms.

The 3 shrines below have been made from large flat polished chrome plated and stainless steel serving trays. The interesting 'decorative' bits are from pushbike gear hubs (known as gear cassettes) made from very very hard stainless steel. The brass pieces come from old clocks; and copper and brass tacks and nails come from the hardware store in Tatebayashi in Japan.

 Each of the larger shrines is 200mm wide x 300mm high with a self about 90mm wide. These shrines can hang on a wall. The small shrine is 200mm high x 150mm wide with a shelf of about 80mm wide. The small shrines can free stand on a ledge of shelf.

I'm not quite sure what to call these shrines but the cogs give me a sense that they speak of the wheel of time in our lives.

©2013 Barry Smith - Shiny Personal Shrines - with bowls and peace-stillness leaves 
©2013 Barry Smith - Personal Shrines - Wheels of Time 1?
©2013 Barry Smith - Small Personal Shrines - Wheels of Time 3?
©2013 Barry Smith - Personal Shrines - Wheels of Time 2?
I have decided that each shrine will have a silver-plated EPNS giving or incense bowl and a peace-stillness silver-plated EPNS leaf included as part of the shrine.

Below is a photo of my box of old bike gears  - gift from Ben and Bec - Ben is into bike racing.

©2013 Barry Smith - Box of greasy bike gear cassettes 
It is Friday evening and just on 6pm so that must be time for a glass of wine I think I hear you suggest.


  1. The surface patterns on the shiny shrines is fascinating... love how it echos the gears, cool. Hope you enjoyed your wine!

  2. yes, of course, friday evening tradition! these are really wonderful. the texturing on the back plate gives them reference to another time and place somehow - kind of scifi... very relevant. well done!
    the concept of course is beautiful, i imagine these shrines being used in such a meaningful and mindful way - they will help someone to transport themselves to a calmer state. gorgeous

  3. Superb B!! love the industrial-zen combination to these shrines. And the gear cassettes are most drool-worthy ...

  4. VA, MJ & L - yep - pretty wild combo of materials - funny that when I'm attempting to create something that creates a sense of calmness. VA - good spying - that is exactly what I was attempting to do - and I think it has worked OK. MJ - traditions and rituals bring a sense of calmness? I'm hoping the silver and softness will create a sense of the sacred. L - industrial zen - I like that - I hope it stays in my mind so I can use it sometime. If you ever want some of the bike-gear cassettes let me know - I have a source. All - go well. B

  5. I do so love all that shininess! I also love the patina of tarnish on old silver so I'm a bit surprised at myself. I'm never surprised at the beauty of the art objects you make, Barry!


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