Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A bit of creativity whilst away

Fiona and I have spent a few days on Heron Island - Fiona posted on some of the magnificent blue of the water and sky. We immersed ourselves in nature, rest and reading.

©2013 Barry Smith - Intrepid explorer Fiona risks life and limb amidst the Stingrays to find the blue  of Heron.
But we also took a little time here and there to do a bit of creating.  This mainly took the form of rusting paper and in my case trying a couple of eco-leaf prints using the salt water of the reef.

©2013 Barry Smith - Soaking paper in a sea puddle
©2013 Barry Smith - A rust parcel
©2013 Barry Smith -  Fiona's rusted washer paper and my wee book pages
©2013 Barry Smith - Soaking paper and leaves in a coffee mug full of saltwater
©2013 Barry Smith - Unwrapping the leaf and paper
©2013 Barry Smith - After 2 days an eco leaf print inspired by Velma and Jennifer
And doing a linocut for the Maleny Printmakers exhibition in November.

©2013 Barry Smith - Lino shavings
©2013 Barry Smith - Lino cut bowl ready for proofing
We are back home on the mountain working on our Peace Flags; Peace Leaves ; and Peace Tree for 21 September.


  1. What a beautiful place and what a gorgeous photo of Fiona walking towards the blue!

  2. Great.. love the first image of Fiona amongst the light on water patterns - the patterns are not unlike your lino cut, actually.

  3. Blissful top photo and I love the lino cut bowl.

  4. AM, VA & R - as F said quite a lot of folk enjoyed the photo of her strolling through the coral and crystal clear water and the beautiful light patterns. I took a number of shots just of the light patterns on the water as they changed and mesmerised. VA - the lino cut does have a light pattern look about it. R - I hope to give the lino cut a test run during the week. All - go well. B


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