Sunday, September 29, 2013

The beauty of orchids

I have spent various bits of the weekend working on more  Travellers' Shrines. I have all but finished the four of them including the mini bowls and the leaf that are part of the shrines. But they still need : polishing; lining; an incense holder and incense bundle to be added; and the leather tie to be cut and added. So they will be finished about mid week.

I thought I might share a creative form of Fiona's dad (Graham) - orchids. When we visited on Thursday there must have been 10-12 orchids in bloom - so many different shapes and colours - just a few of them are below (photographed with iPhone).

Creativity takes many forms - and orchid growing is not one of my strengths - but I do appreciate their beauty. The dry hot weather  we have had lately seems to have brought out such beauty in Graham's collection.


  1. Orchids always look so mysterious to me... almost alien-like. A beautiful alien, of course. Graham has quite an art collection here!

  2. They are exquisite...he must tend them very lovingly.

  3. I had no idea that orchids came in such a violent burst of colour - enough to brighten any spring!

  4. Hi VA, E, JM, SB & AA - thanks for sharing the beauty and colour of Graham's orchids with me. He often says he isn't doing too good with his orchids and I'm blown away by the fact that he always has something in flower - I think that is pretty special for one's household. Go well and may we all give ourselves time to smell the orchids or roses. B


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