Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Of wind, leaves and a baby bird

Last night the wind howled and buffeted the house. We woke to leaves piled up along the walkway to the house....

©2013 Barry Smith - Pathway of leaves
and the Peace Tree with a bit of a lean to the south (easily righted - but amazed it moved given all the cement in the base) ...

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace leans to the south
and Fiona's Peace Flags still at right angles to the rope with many shreds fluttering away as the wind was down to a breeze ...

©2013 Barry Smith - Fiona's Peace Flags art full stretch
On my early morning walk (Fiona was doing circuits with her group) I decided to shoot a few shots of leaves scattered beside on the road.

©2013 Barry Smith - Leaf Litter
©2013 Barry Smith - Fresh green
©2013 Barry Smith - A beautiful curve
©2013 Barry Smith - Frayed edges
But I came across this bundle of feathers ... I was a bit sad because I realised it was a baby bird that had been blown out of its nest and crashed to the ground - nature can seem to be a bit cruel at times...

© 2013 Barry Smith - A sad little bundle of feathers
I saw a little movement as I walked away - so I returned and found the bird was still alive but in bad shape - so I picked it up in my cap and headed home to see if there was anything I could do to revive it

©2013 Barry Smith - There is hope yet
© @013 Barry Smith - A cap full of fragile life
Over about a half hour I gave it a bit of Rescue Remedy, some water, a few crushed grubs from the veggie garden and a little minced meat. By the time Fiona came home it had perked up a bit. We called wildlife rescue and one of the volunteers came around - and after checking it out and giving it a little more water we made a nesting box so the volunteer could take it back to the home tree as she said the parents would reunite with it and look after it now that we had got it over the critical stage.

We hope that when we walk tomorrow that the little bird I called Acka-Dacka, because of my cap, is making progress.


  1. So far, so good. Must be a tough little blighter. Fingers crossed for a happy ending.

  2. Good for you in spreading the kindness and love to save that precious little bird. *That's* living peacefully!

  3. Quite a little bundle there, and lucky him/her that you wandered by and are a close observer. What kind of bird is it?

  4. it is sad to think of a bird falling out of it's nest. So glad you helped it along.
    it sure does look as though you had some serious wind! wonderful leaf images mister B.

  5. WHAT a day. and it was only beginning.

  6. A, L. VA, TL & V - thanks for the positive vibes for the bird - we are not sure of the final outcome as we think the wildlife rescue person may have decided to take it home and hand raise it - that is what I would have done. The wind continues on and off and tests the Peace Leaves on the Peace Tree but most are hanging in there; and those that disintegrate or flutter off have done their job of sending out a little peace. All go well. B

  7. Wonderful compositions, great fall colors, great photos!


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