Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Almost up before the bees

Today was supposed to be a bright Spring morning - but nature decided we needed a little more winter - so the day started coldish and a bit on the grey side

2013 Barry Smith - Standing stone and posts on a gloomy morning
Even the bees in the neighbours yard we cut through on our walk thought it was too gloomy to be up - a solitary bee was checking the world out - lots of buzzing in the hive but no bees in flight.

2013 Barry Smith - Solitary bee checks out the weather
But Spring is happening - new blossom happening, old seed pods dropping and new growth appearing.
2013 Barry Smith - We grew this orchid - or rather it grew itself
2013 Barry Smith - And another one
2013 Barry Smith - Pine cones are cascading
2013 Barry Smith - And pine blossom is bursting
2013 Barry Smith - The Frangipani is budding
And I did say I was going to prune this bush - I had talked to Fiona about pruning a tree that is on a neighbours's side of the fence but encroaches on our side - I was going to prune a couple of branches - they pruned it to ground height.
2013 Barry Smith - Now that is what I call extreme pruning
Fiona and I are off to the Queensland Literary Awards ceremony tonight where the 11 Awards we made will be presented to the winners - bit exciting - will post on it on Friday.


  1. love that photo of your home in front of the posts - a great angle!

  2. The standing stone and posts in my sidebar brought me over for a closer look. Love them!

  3. Our summer is winding down and your spring is beginning.. we have had the most wonderful sunny summer.. sunshine day after day.. unusual for us here in the Pacific NW... Seattle area. Love all of your images.

  4. what an outstanding artifact the standing stones and posts are!

  5. SB, R, D & L - thanks folks - always good to have friends drop by; and it seems we have a little standing post-stones connection going on. SB, R & L - standing stones and posts can't be all bad - we have created this piece at the entrance to our block as both Fiona and I are influenced by the standing stones of Scotland and Ireland and I'm influenced by the square posts of Japan - so why not create our own - and they can look mysterious on occasions. D- there must be some magic colours as you move into autumn. All - go well. B


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