Friday, September 20, 2013

Peace Tree nears completion

Today was a bit of an interrupted day - commitments to community meetings took quite a bit of time at both ends of the day - but I got time to compete the Peace Tree and begin hanging the Peace Leaves

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Leaves on branchlets
As you can see from the photos below the tree is quite large given it was plaited by hand from 3 & 4mm thick fencing wire - I think it has ended having a very gentle organic form. I have set the tree into a recycled wastepaper bin with about 40kgs of cement - very stable.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Tree in need of more leaves
I have attached anodised aluminium leaves to the terminals of each branchlet - both to create a nice end and to deal with the sharpness of the wire ends.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Leaves on branchlets
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Leaves on branchlets
And I have started attaching the Peace Leaves that have been sent to me both from overseas and Australia.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Leaves begin to adorn the tree
I did not move the tree into place at the entrance to the block as we used the last light of the day to put our Peace Flags in place. The tree will be put in place early tomorrow morning; and the rest of the leaves will be attached tomorrow afternoon as we are doing a children's peace activity in the local library in the morning. So I will share photos of the finished tree later.

I have breathed a bottle of red so that needs attention as we make our pizzas.


  1. Can't wait to see the full tree shaking its leaves. Peace to you this weekend and always, Barry.

  2. barry, this tree is beyond anything i had imagined - your dedication to peace & community is almost herculean. this was no easy task - and the fact that you made a leaf to end each branchlet goes above and beyond. it gives the tree a wonderful framework and uniformity from which to set the other diverse leaves against. it's beautiful - i only wish i could see it in person. and thank you, for all that you do to make the world 'more'.

  3. your peace tree looks wonderful as can be
    just caught up on so many of your posts
    you seem to have been very very busy lately
    and doing and experiencing wonderful things
    lovely peace day to you and yours

  4. VA - your words are so true - the peace leaves flutter and tinkle in the breeze. MJ - thanks for your generous comments. This work taught me quite a bit - I learn more about plaiting Peace Trees and adding leaves each time I do this. The leaves on the branchlets give the tree a simple serenity - I like them just in that form. Go well and be peace. B

  5. TL - thanks for you support - it has been a reasonably busy time but a good busy. Peace to you and thanks for the leaves which are now fluttering peace in the wind. B

  6. oh, nice to know my leaves made it in time.


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