Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Peace Tree is complete

Fiona and I put the Peace Tree in place early this morning; but it was this afternoon before I got to attach all the leaves as Fiona and I were in the local library this morning working with children to create a children's Peace Tree. The children's Peace Tree will continue to grow as it will be a school holiday library activity for the coming week.

The photos below show the completed Peace Tree - hard to photograph because of the trees, power lines etc in the background and the dodgy light at the end of the day; but that does not stop the Peace Tree from sending out collective peace vibes.

©2013 Barry Smith - Top of the Peace Tree at sundown
©2013 Barry Smith - Top of the Peace Tree at sundown
©2013 Barry Smith - Top of the Peace Tree from the house as the sun goes down
The Peace Tree was made possible by the united effort and desire from quite a few people both in Australia and overseas. You could scroll through earlier posts on my FaceBook and see some of the Peace Leaves contributed and those who made the leaves. A big thank you to those who helped create this tree.

I hope that the creation of this Peace Tree might just send a few ripples of peace into the world. This tree adds to the energy that of the Flags for Peace Project coordinated by Mary Jane. The Flags for Peace Project was the inspiration for the Peace Tree.


  1. thanks to robyn I get to see your wonderful tree! dont you wish those who govern all of us could see?

  2. Hi L and VA - thanks for your comments - today I managed to complete the task of attaching the Peace Leaves - there are 300-400 leaves not fluttering in the breeze sending out quite messages of peace. Go well. B

  3. Now THAT'S a statement...makes it easy to find your place too.

  4. so beautiful to see your tree
    the movement in the leaves
    and ponder peace
    thank you for creating this peace tree

    peace to you, Fiona and the world ~

  5. thank you for making this Barry, you & Fiona are true gems on the planet !

  6. JM, TL & MC - thanks heaps for your support. TL & MC - thanks for your generous comments regarding Fiona and I - in truth we just try to do our quiet bit. Having said that it is good that the Peace Tree came into reality and the leaves that you contributed are being buffted by pretty severe winds - but that just means the peace vibes imbedded in them are scattered to the world. Go well. B


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