Friday, June 20, 2014

A return to travellers' shrines

It is quite a long time since I have made any of my small portable Travellers' Shrines even though I have a couple of folk who would like to purchase them. I was looking back at older posts and see that the last ones I made were back in November 2013.

The thing is I usually like to have interesting metal to make the lids out of the shrines; and I like to be in the right frame of mind - I like to give the shrines positive maker energy when I make them.  Well today those things came together and I made a start on a group of Travellers' Shrines.

©2013 Barry Smith - Travellers' Shrine bound  ready for a journey
Metal for the tops of the shrines all marked up ready for precise cutting in the guillotine.

©2014 Barry Smith - Metal for Travellers' Shrine lids
There are always off cuts - but these will become word leaves, peace pendants, for giving away to other folk etc.

©2014 Barry Smith - Glorious metal offcuts
And the pieces are cut into shape with the metal shears ready for folding and riveting.

©2014 - Shrines lids - ready for folding
©2014 - Shrines lids - ready for folding
The fold over for the rivets is about .75cm and the rivet is about 1.5mm in diameter. Quite a tiny piece to hold together and rivet - quick release clamps are very handy.

©2014 Barry Smith - The thumb gives a sense of the size of this piece
I had time to finish one lid up to rough fold and rivet stage. This shrines lid is about 5cm wide, 7cm long and 1.3cm deep - about the size of a standard matchbox. The pattern reminds me of Cherry Blossom.

©2014 Barry Smith - Shrine lid roughly finished - love the very soft copper Japanese mallet; and the anvil has seen a bit of work
I moved on to start making the bottom-inside section that holds the mini offering bowl, incense holder, inspirational word leaf etc.

©2014 Barry Smith - Made a start on the shrine base.
I was tied up all afternoon with meetings at our local neighbourhood centre - so I will do more work on the shrines over the weekend. Still a good feeling to start shrines that will take journeys with different people across and around the world. Roast pumpkin and blue cheese risotto for dinner - and yes of course accompanied by a red.


  1. It's so fascinating to see the myriad of steps involved in your metalworking. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me, that even in the beginning stages of a piece, your work is exquisite. Works of art each step of the way. Very much looking forward to seeing these completed.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the first piece incorporated into a shrine. It's particularly beautiful.
    My mouth is watering at the thought of pumpkin and blue cheese risotto. We love Master Chef Australia and they often mention how difficult it is to make a good risotto but I have a feeling yours will be delicious.

  4. Wow, these shrines are awesome! Thanks for showing us the different stages! Simply brilliant!

  5. J, AA, R & GB - I can't believe how bad I have been in not responding to the valued comments of our art blogging community - its like not treating family well. J & GB - it is good for me to share the photos of the steps as not actually reminds me of what goes into creations. AA - much beauty can come fro the ordinary metal. R - by the time I responded to your comment the Travellers' Shrines have been completed and three have sold before I get them into the shop. And the risotto was delicious. All go well. B


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