Sunday, June 8, 2014

Progressing ….

In the lead up to our Open Studio next weekend (14-15 June) both Fiona and I are working on progressing and finishing a number of pieces - both to show what we do; and of course also to have pieces for sale.

Over the weekend I finished the Daily Words-leaves sets (3 sets).

©2014 Barry Smith - Daily Word leaves and bowl
©2014 Barry Smith - Daily Word leaves and bowl
©2014 Barry Smith - Daily Word leaves
I stamped and ground a few Peace Pendant bits - still need final polish, holes punched and chains in place. One of the three is for an acquaintance who is having a hard time health wise - I thought it could be good to send her some positive words and energy - that pendant will say "healing peace".

©2014 Barry Smith - Pieces for Peace Pendants
And finished the words for my regular Daily Words sets.

©2014 Barry Smith - 28 daily words (4 sets of 7)
And started three projects using big fold-formed leaf forms (25cm - 30cm). I intend to finish the large leaf spiral post I started a couple of months ago; make a smaller version of Bending that I did for Goondiwindi; and a small tabletop group of larger leaf forms. All the leaf-forms are to have a lovely greenish copper patina.

Below is the metal after pickling and scrubbing.

©2014 Barry Smith - Recycled copper ready to go (35 pieces)
And then folded and cut. Pretty hard on the hands doing this size and quantity

©2014 Barry Smith - 35 large (25-30cm long) folded and cut forms
©2014 Barry Smith - Lovely pile of offcuts
And 10 that have been hammered - I ran out of time and hammering energy.

©2014 Barry Smith - 10 hammered leaf-forms
Quite a good bit of progress over the weekend - a few things to finish during the week. I will be updating my shop after the Open Studio weekend.


  1. Those big leaves will be stunning, B, but then, so are the smaller ones. I just love watching the progress as you work.

  2. Hi C - thanks for checking the progress out and leaving a comment. As you know from later post they have turned out well. Go well. B


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